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best a7n8x bios settings for performance?



Hey, what do i set the agp frequency too. and should i set aperature size to 512 megs?
It means you have the ability to change the AGP frequency of the board independent of the PCI and CPU FSB frequency (so good for overclocking) to whatever your board has settings for .....leave it at 66mhz (Default for AGP Slot).

And my experience is that an aperture size over 256 meg starts to have a detrimental affect on performance so set at a max of 256 meg.


hardware monkey
one thing that determines how big you should set your aperature size at is your video card.. which you've failed to specify. :)


hardware monkey
yeah, leave the frequency at 66mhz, unless you want to dab in the world of overclocking. but increasing your agp frequency isn't the best way to do that, even.

i'm talking about your aperature rate. with only a 32mb card, it would be a good idea to set it to, oh... 128mb. that should be fine.

for more information on agp aperature settings, take a look at this recent thread.

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