Best 80mm case fan?


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Just want to know what's the best 80mm fan with high air flow (CFM) while being moderately quiet?


P.S. Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything though.

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I'v heard of it, but not quite widely, I doubt most people mid level PC know they exist.

But really though, look at the cylindrical fans/ articles they have. Seems to know what they are talking about. I think I'll buy one :p, perhaps.
Papst are very well known and highly regarded here in Sweden anyway. Most people who want a quiet fan here go for Papst. I thought they were big in the world too...


i run papst fans.. they are the dope.. never had a problem and my comp runs silent (runs deep too ;))


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the vantec.

vantec Tornado Fan! Its really good.

5700rpm can get loud RARRRARRARRRARARRAAAAAA (Home imporvement Tim the Tool Man Taylor) :D

it can get loud but who cares i wanna get it soon.

u can get dampining stuff off the same site if u care about noise

Link ;)


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I fitted a couple on Enermax (silent) fans - and they are very quiet if you manually adjust them to just below CPU fan noise (and they do work well at that rpm).

My only critisism is that if you power them off the mobo it creates **** with the onboard "winbond" fan speed diagnostics (must be due to the adjustable switch wiring) - so I just take the power from a spare HD cable feed (adaptor supplied with fans for such a connection).

Hope it helps (purchased through


I put a Vantec Tornado on my heatsink about a week ago (in replace of a broken Panaflo), and it took the CPU temp down a couple of degrees, plus it's not even running full blast (my PSU regulates fan speeds). So far, the highest speed it has gone is only around 3500RPM, so I haven't heard it yet, but this definately one powerful fan with room to get some more air flow if needed.


vantec stealths baby...ive got two in my antec my hard drive makes more noise then the fans. it pushes 27cfm if im not mistaken but makes a mere 21db of sound.

also give panaflo a go as well.21db as well.

but if your hardcore the vantec tornado will do the the dude says.......RRRRRRRAaAaRRraaaR




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My friend has a Vantec Tornado... I went over his house to test it. I could still hear the whine of the fan from two rooms away! Plus it pushes so much air, if you pumped power into the fan while it's sitting there on a desk, it propels itself! :eek:
i ahve a vantec stealth (wansn't cheap 20$CDN) and it is great but on my dads server there is a tornado and it is the best but it is also very loud so pick what one, loud or cost


Must be dreaming...
If I was deaf, I would get the Vantec Tornado, but according to my friend, he's getting annoyed from the noise the Tornado makes. Worse then a Delta fan... :eek:
I think I might just stick to the adjustable Thermaltake ones. Thanks everyone! :D

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