BenQ flat panel display TFT - 17" Active Matrix

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2 Dec 2001

Anyone tried these? Looks pretty good... :eek: What is the average CRT response time?

The amazingly fast 12ms response time provides exceptionally fluid video without flickering and other visual effects; furthermore it reduces ghosting and jagged pixel effects, making it ideal for watching movies, streaming video, or playing games. For gamers, whether you are competing at 2 Fast 2 Furious, Counter-Strike, or NBA Live 2004 you can now experience an LCD monitor with super-fast response times to gain the edge over rivals!

With a brightness of 310 cd/m2, 500: 1 contrast ratio and a pixel pitch of 0.264mm you will experience photo realistic images.

Adopting the FP783 for web conferencing of MSN is fast and simple - the optional webcam and SRS speaker plug straight into the monitor.

- 17" TFT active matrix display
- 1280 x 1024 resolution
I like the base, but, I want to get a 42 inch and use it for TV also in a few years, so a bit above my price at the mo :(
Nice to have an integrated cam and speaker!

Plus, you can't go wrong with a response time of 12ms...unless you want to wait for the new 8ms models that Viewsonic and BenQ are coming out with later.
well I was looking at comet (a uk store) to buy a rediculously big plasma on finance, but then I thought that would just be silly. Then I thought about renting one but those places don't exist.

The I saw on Anandtech their higheset most rated and expesnive monitor was a Dell 21 TFT. The same one I had taken hope and declared utterly useless.
So this is my next choice.

Want a 19" or 21" flatscreen/TFT with a same as / better response time than a CRT and these seem quite reasonably priced.
Wait for the sales, that Linda chick and her better looking assistant will be snipping off at least v.a.t. this xmas and new year sales.
Well I am gonna wait and keep an eye on the BenQ monitors. Like I said it has to have a fast response time, as I am an avid gamer ;)
I'd like to know how much movment your eyes can take in per/ms. I don't think I would see alot difference between 12ms & 8ms, what do you think?
Not sure myself, but this tell tft, I see mouse trails. Tried it during a friendly MP of COD and it was unbearable.
Afaik, most TFT:s below 16 ms are "cheating". They only use about 200k colors in order to keep the times down. If you want to display a color outside these 200k the screen alternates between colors, sometimes in 2x2 or 3x3 pixel patterns. So the effective response time can be something completely different, plus there is possibility of flickering.

At least this is what I found out when I was looking for a TFT. I ended up with a Hercules Prophetview 920 Pro and I'm happy with it. :)
Viewsonic VP201B

same panel as the dell, £200 cheaper at
12ms is great, if it's factual.

Also, I've been told by a couple of guys I work with that LCD prices will drop significantly sometime next year. So far they haven't dropped as fast as I'd hoped.
I bought a Benq 19" lcd, did not read the fine print and assumed the resolution would equal a crt screen. Ooooops!!!!!!
Hoping I could reproduce a much larger screen space fo MS Project than my tosh laptop but the resolution rates are much lower. However great moniter otherwise, guess my office manager just got a great new screeen.
Using a Dell 1901FP at the moment and its lovely and it rotates, but I took it hope played a little cod and then switched back.

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