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benchies for 6800 and x800


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what would you like people to say?


personally I don't think the 6800 non-ultra is that great a product... in a coupla months ati is likely going to be matching its x800pro v/s this offering when they release a lower clocked x800 XT to challenge the GT...

IMO the GT is still the product to get ESPECIALLY given how well it oc's and that it has 256mb of ram...

teh 6800 non-ultra may oc reasonably well but it won't have the ability to clock a performance like that of the GT just as the x800pro even with volt mods lags behind its extra quaded cousin...

if you wish to purchase the 6800 non-ultra... that is your call... I would advise against it even though it is a better offering than current (read last) gen cards...


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I wasn't hoping people would try and help me with my purchase cause I just ordered the 6800GT anyway but I was just wondering what people thought of the benches comparing all cards even with the 9700pro giving a good showing

edit...kind of contradictory to what I said the first post!


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jah... reading your first post I thought that you were looking for validation for the purchase :)
I was kinda hacked off they did not show the 9800 PRO in the benchmarks. It has 20% better performance than the 9700 PRO and only costs $14 bucks more ($194 last weekend) around here right now. That would make it a much better value deal than the straight 6800 at $300 bucks.

In the mean time I'll keep nursing my 9500 PRO along until the current generation of cards drops to the $200 range or a game comes out that drives me to an upgrade.

Speaking of value deals the used 9500 PRO's are going for under $50 on EBAY.


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sazar I hope when I wrote the contradictory thing I didn't offend you...I meant that my second post was contradictory to my first post...I was leaning towards 6800 then said the he|| with it and bought the 6800GT and I get farcry free!...

I also like about the benches the performance for price ratio when you mouse over the graphs


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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cause I thought you might have thought I was calling you contradictory for some reason...which wouldn't have made any sense but I wanted to be careful...don't want to offend you that's all
Ooops, my memory is going.

9800 Pro was 13-14% faster than 9700 PRO on the Aquamark and Halo benchmarks. As little as 5% better on the older game engines. On Tomshardware VGA Charts III. Test was run with V3.9 Radeon Drivers.

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