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13 Mar 2005
My Bell Sympatico at a max will download at about 60 KBs... it should be much faster like 5MB.... any suggestions or opinions?
Yes I had all kinds of problems with them and it turns out that they are trying tp up the speed a stay in the race with Videotron but the problem is that the telephone lines cant handle the 5mb profile mine had to be capped at 2.7mbs I told them to keep it and got a 10mbs from Videotron... I had to have 3 techs out to check all the line and plugs ... so if it is like me the problem is the line.
They say speed "up to 5mbps"

DSL is a fussy technology, line problems and such can interfere with it alot. I'm with Bell and I want to switch to Kwic DSL since they have no restrictions whatsoever. (I want to run a mail server).
Wow that sucks, and I thought I had it bad when I switch to Bell from my cable, and dropped from 800-900kbs to Bells 500kbs.
Yes up to but when they have to cap at 3 and use error correction on packets its never going to be more then the 2.7 that I was getting and after talking to them the 44.95$ a month became $27.00 no way I am paying full price for 60% service.
You gotta make sure you're not put on the basic plan, it has a small bandwidth limit.

I'm currently sync'd at 3.4mbps. Not too bad, I would like to goto cable but my cable company has a 60GB cap. Last month I used close to 260GB of bandwidth (up and down). I hate limits.
Alright, Eagle!

The truth is, Sympatico doesnt saport 5meg. Honestly I'm a member until Saturday. I've been a member for over a year. MacNoob is right! Our wires can handle that. Think about this. Sympatico just opened a new contract with a compy that can push 100meg. All done by fiber-optic cable. Have you ever seen the cards for that? aint cheap. I will tell you this. 1gig under a hour for downloading. The price is average 150 dollers plus a month. See you left 10 meg. We have Cogeco in Ontario Canda. There price is 39,98 a month for 10meg. Thier hook up charges are 25.00 and they come in your home. Sympatico's is for 50.00 and I had to go a mile to get the modem at a store and hook it myself. My monthly fee's are 45.00 with sympatico and I'm only getting 2.2 meg. The odd time I get 3meg. I pay for 5meg. We are paying for a company that has bad policy's and thier service is crap. Look at igt like this. I have over a thousand dollers in modems from them sitting in my home for months on end cause they havent sent me box's to send them back. They continue send them here and I have no idea why along with them as well. They send bills to the addess and they let it add up until cut off date even after you tell them you havent gotten a bill. Never hand out your bank account to them or credit cards cause believe me I have went through this with them, thier agents like to leak it outside thier walls.

After all this said. Walk away from sympatico. They have signed a agreement with the Goverment of Canada to moniter what we do for fraud reasons. That just came into affect Jan 23 2007. So when you go into sights. They know. I hope that CEO Sandwich grey Pu pu-on musterd eating butter finger thief highway robber see's this and chokes on the sesame seeds.

(CEO) O god, its out. there goes my busn. They know I have butter fingers..............................Burb, i think I will raise the internet up another 6.00 cause the tiolet paper I use isnt Silky enough.

its like this. When you go to Mc Donalds you a nice BIG HAMBURGER WITH BEEF
Do you think you payed 7.00 for the beef? lol 30% of the burger is beef. The rest is .well you know the rest.

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