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12 Jan 2006
Tested on a Microsoft Zune, tested in a 2003 Mistubishi Montero.

This is basically for anyone who is thinking of purchasing this device. I bought the device at FYE so when i returned it, i got pretty scr**** by only getting store credit, even though i bought it yesterday.

The TuneCast II looks to be a good FM transmitter, it has a nice lcd screen with a wrap-around cable to hook into the headphone jack. The color isn't too great but whatever... The TuneCast II can pretty much broadcast on any channel your radio can receive. There is just one problem with the TuneCast II, it doesn't work. I spent about 30 minutes going through all the frequencies and settings and i only found 1 frequency that worked (Stationary) then, as soon as i began to drive, the static kicked in, my montero has a big motorized antenna, so it should get good reception, this little tunecast simply does not put out enough power. And for 40 dollars, lets just say im pretty pissed...

Frankly, i dont have any suggestions on an alternative for this device, i dont have the Ipod, thus all the billions of fm transmitters for that are out of the question. I had one of these types of things before, and it was equally bad, if not worse...
Bottom line, don't spend even 1 penny on this device, you will not be pleased at all.

With the store credit, i bought a case (Rhino Skin type thing), and A/V cables, so i guess its not too bad, not what i was lookin for though :(

Anyways, hope it helps.

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