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Before I ask any question...

I really want to thank everyone at NTFS for helping me with whatever problem I have, for me this is the best site of the entire internet :D
This time have couple of questions, which is not for me, but for a couple of friends who’s having problems with their computers, I usually search the entire forum before I post any question, but I could not find anything like, so here it goes: :D
My friend #1 is having problem with his modem, there’s no dial tone, I have replace his modem with mine, which is totally different and the same problem happened, we also change the PCI slot (just in case), but nothing happens, the computer recognized the modem, installs the drivers, but he cant connect on the internet, all he did before the problem started was moved he’s computer from one place to another and nothing else, he’s using Win XP Home…
My friend #2 has a P4, Win XP Professional, and he’s computer does not complete shut down, all I know after reading the forum is that must be the Video Card, he has an Apollo GeForce 2 MX4 64 MB GeForce2 Video Card 64 MB, I have tried some from what I read at the forum but it did not work, does anyone know a good tweak for this, or maybe a driver that was release???
Any help will be appreciate, have a great Sunday everyone :D
for the first one, how many devices (phones, fax machines, modems) are plugged into the phone lines at his house. If you disconnect the modem, can you get a dialtone on another phone elsewhere in the house. Is the dialtone gone when you plug the modem back in?
If this happens then you need to contact your phone company and ask them to upgrade your line to handle more devices. I am serious, this was a problem at my aunts house. There wasnt enough power on the phone line to handle her 2 phones and the modem in her PC.

the second one, have you made sure that ACPI is turned on? My Computer <properties> then Hardware tab, device manager, click on Computer, if it says ACPI ... PC then its likely to be the gfx card and not the mobo. Which driver set is he running right now?
Thank you Geffy for your help, sorry it took so long for me to reply, my friend #1, I havent talk to him yet, my friend number 2 told me what it was written , here it goes:
date 07/16/2002
version 3.08.2
and just in case how do I turn ACPI on ?????
Thank You once again!!!
do a search on shutdown problem. there are hundreds of threads on it, 1st get a blue screen by disabling auto reboot....

old logitech mouseware is a shutdown problem as well.

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