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Beeps from MSI K8N-Neo2?!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Well - this is going to be a thread where I get asked a ton of questions I am pretty certain....

Anyway I am feeling somewhat nervous right now - because I am getting mobo case speaker beeps from my Nexus box with the above mobo installed - this is the rig in my sig and has had a few add-ons made since then (Winfast card, generic sound card, added a fan to blow at rear - so nothing too major, but let me tell you that box sure runs warm and tends not to be suitable for gaming as you may guess).

But to the point. I am presently getting a CPU readout from mbm at 61 or 62oC for the CPU (it is folding 100% so this is a loaded figure). I believe readout to be maybe +5oC but relatively accurate from the BIOS figures I get. I have mbm alarm set at 65oC because it is above that I found instability woulc come in during the summer!

Anyway - I have just had maybe a dozen mobo beeps at unspecified intervals and with no apparent cause. Like I say the temp is just inside what I am prepared to tolerate. No other alarms knowingly set by me. have HD space monitor on my desktop and nothing bad there that I can see. Checked event log and nothing to see there....

Any ideas how I should proceed? During the course of typing this post I got one beep at the start and one at the end! So I want to find out what the hardware is awarning me about before I crash and burn! Gonna post now as this has me nervous....
Well, your CPU is 11 degrees too hot - the winchester 3500+ has a max operating temperature of 65C, beyond that it'll crash fairly frequently.

What pattern is the beeping in and what tone is the beep?

We could have a crack at it when I get in from work too :D


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
not heat - been running that temp woith zero beeps for like six months before this.

Also - beeps now halted, and rebooted into Ubuntu, and so shall just be monitoring the situation when I reboot to Xp again later (I would have mentioned it to you before you went to work if the beeps had been continuing). Frequency is mobo beep frequency - like the beep you get on POST failure - but with no set frequency or pattern - total random occurence and about one sec duration.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
LordOfLA said:
Well, your CPU is 11 degrees too hot - the winchester 3500+ has a max operating temperature of 65C, beyond that it'll crash fairly frequently....
*confused* - yeah I know about the max temp - found that out the hard way in summer....

But it is the Winchester 3500 - and it is running inside limits (OK only by a margin of 3oC or so, but it is also possible the monitor software has error range around 5oC so if my maths is right it could be just four or soe degrees away from what you deem acceptable). Where do you get the figure of eleven from? you think it should run at 50oC under full load I am guessing? Maybe I'll go to BIOS and see what I can do to the cooler settings...
A winchester should be running at 50C only when you are torturing it - any hotter and you need to take action to reduce that temperature.
While I'm doing some research make sure the chipset fan is spinning and has no dust build up. The CPU fan also while you are in there.

Interesting. There is a Bios Virus Detection option that causes a beep when a virus tries to write to the Boot Sector of the HD. No other mention of anythign that goes beep.

Scanned the system lately.
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Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I will do those things LeeJend - but can tell you one thing - I was in that box like four days ago installing a sound card and it was pretty clean and dust free! I checked it over then... cleaned the case filter etc.... also can tell you that it was WARM - I mean around the borderline temps where you worry for your HD!

oh yeah - and two weeks ago I scanned system - it is protected and no reason at all to suspect that cause (but nice thought!)

However I will STILL be doing all that - since I want to see what can be done for coolin anwyays

Oh yeah - and no more beeps for like 36 hours since that spell!

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