becoming a bit annoying.

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Is it really fair that some users here have paypal or other donation links on their sigs?

It's becoming annoying does it say in the rules you can have such begging bowls?


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I was told no. I tried to start a fundraiser a while back for my mom when she was about to lose her house and was told that while the forum feels baddly for the situation but they could not allow me asking for/or placing a link for donations to help.


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it is not strictly against the rules, this would be better off in feedback. i dont think a donation link in sig is bad, as long as it has a clear goal such as "laptop fund" and a progress of the fund :cool:


I can understand if it's for like you, your mother is about to lose her home I understand that and I know what it is like to live on the streets I know a roof over your head is needed for all.

A laptop? This is for material and personal gain. This is what a job is for. The other one I saw had no indication it was for a good cause, it was a plain pay pal link.

I find it cheesy, very cheesy.


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No one said you have to click the link in the sig.

You want to put a link in your sig that's fine, don't start a thread begging for money ... for anything


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the fact we give and ask for help, should not extend to money under any circumstance, not with the rip off scams all over the internet. and i remember Maveric169's post, and the replys, so it was already set in stone after that post, the rules set then should be upheld, go beg on ebay...


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Wow, I'm proud of myself. I read every post and have never noticed the paypal links. I've succeeded. I have a built in charity filter in my vision. :)

PS I have a crippled friend who has a web site begathon for a new video card. He can't get a job, and welfare is kinda limited, so there are real reasons for asking for hardware help. (If you feel shamed by my comment let me know and I will give you the link so you can feel better by sending him a few bucks.) ;)


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crap.. I was about to add a paypal link to my sig because I was feeling hungry and wanted some money to go buy a taco... guess that's out of the question now
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