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Be very careful....



Hey all, just a warning. I downloaded the new SP1 after careful consideration as I've heard so many differing opinions on it...good and not so good. Well, NOT SO GOOD on my system.:mad: :mad: I have a Presario notebook and XP of course which has always worked like a charm. After download, (on cable it still took me forever to download) my system wouldn't start at all but after some time it started. :eek: :eek: I booted up and went right in to display to change my wallpaper and I got the black screen, not able to navigate anywhere. Needless to say, two hours later, it is off my machine. All is fine now but looks like I won't be using the update until all the bugs are worked out. :eek: Just a heads up and my opinion.:p :p cscally:mad:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Don't think it would matter how careful you are. It will either work OK or give you grief.
For me it worked GREAT. :D :D
Doesn't seem to matter if you made a backup of xp or not either. Rollback doesn't work too well from what I've heard. :mad:


Originally posted by chandman
my computer is better not i installed it seem's faster and u can tel the difrence from b4 i anit no problem's yet touch wood
Huh? Slow down I can't make out your english.:D
and when i went bk to system restore cause i had problem's with WINSTYLE'S everything was ok it got rid of the sp1 but i went bk lol cause could'nt be bothered with downloading it again and that

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
No going back for me. SP1 is giving me no grief. Wanted to know because it seems strange MS give the option to back things up using add/remove & a simple system restore will do anyway.
lol yesterday i got my 1.5 gig's bk when i got rid of the restore point's and the folder was about 400mb it had load's of file's in so i got rid of it the first time i seen it lol


I just noticed that the biggest user of diskspace is the first restorepoint created after installing SP1. It has 569Mb on my system. To the question why systemrestore and uninstalloption: the uninstalloption will last while the restorepoint will be gone in a while.
Btw. I didn't had any trouble with SP and think I notice some performance improvement.


yoyo - I think you hit the nail on the head - a system restore point will eventually disappear be it because it is 90 days old, your system is out of allocated hdd space for restore points, you manually delete it to gain hdd space, or you disable system restore for whatever reason. Thus you still have the option of "getting rid" of Sp1 via add/remove programs.

BTW -my 1st restore point was 771 MB - nothing to sneeze at!

hipster here is the answer to your question about why the backup using add/remove.

Does System Restore uninstall my program if I restore to a point before the program was installed?

Answer: No, System Restore does not completely uninstall any program by itself if restoring to a point prior to the program installation. Since system restore is based on an inclusionary model, any file added or modified by the installation which System Restore does not monitor or files added to or modified in a non monitored drive will not be tracked by System Restore. Thus System Restore cannot delete or undo any modifications made to these files. To remove all the changes an installation may have made on the system, the user should first use the Add/Remove option in the control panel to remove the application prior to using System Restore. System Restore however will undo all recorded changes made to the registry & monitored files caused by the application install including:

Delete monitored files the program installation may have added to the system
Undo modifications to monitored files made by the installation
Replace the current registry with the registry snapshot taken when the restore point chosen was created. (*note: some current values will persist)
Any file type not monitored by System Restore added or modified on the system will not be restored or removed. E.g. .jpg, .txt files.

Sorry for the post being so long - but hopefully this will help explain at least part of what is going on.

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