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Be on the lookout


Prodigal Son
From Reverend at Techzonez as posted on MSFN:

A quote from Techzonez host:

At 9:00am on the 27/12/2002 we experienced a massive influx of bad traffic known as a DDOS attack
This was not a small attack, it was in the region of 800mbit which not only brought down our network but also caused problems for Claranet and Telia.
Claranet use Telia for transatlantic connections and the size of the attack caused the flooding of 2 Gigabit connections, which cause failures in the Claranet network. The size of this attack is the biggest Claranet have seen.
The traffic was tracked down to compromised systems in a number of American universities and blocked, service was then restored, however due to the magnitude of this attack it did take a long time.


Prodigal Son
Quote from gsurface in the same thread:

Sorry to hear that Rev..its funny but we were just talking about that in your site about tech-critic and osbetas being hit, and now u guys,.. thats crazy!


Prodigal Son
Techzonez back up. Quote from Reverend.

Since 27th of December KDA have been under a sustained DOS attack. This attack has been aimed at our main webserver and brought our UK operations to a standstill. Usually a sustained attack will last no more than 8 hours, unfortuently the magnitude of this one has seen it last 30 hours. At 8:30am on the 27th we were alerted to a slow down in access to the server, this was minutes after the attack began, shortly afterwards our monitoring service informed us of a peak of traffic directed at our IP subnet, at this point the traffic was peaking at 200mbit a second, shortly afterwoulds the traffic hit 800mbit a second. This level of traffic in a DDOS attack is unheard of, it was totally over the top it was basically like someone sending us 8gigabytes of data every minute. The traffic was so immense it knocked out claranets dialup, ADSL and leased line customers throughout the UK, the attackers also managed to cause an outage on 2 gigabit transatlantic links. As you can immagine a lot of our upstream provider
s were very annoyed and part of their solution was to put a block on all traffic coming to KDA, unfortuenly this meant loss of access for all our clients. This morning we managed to bring our mail servers online but our web server was still blocked as we still had 32mbit of traffic attempting to hit it from upstream. The people who did this were very sophisticated, they knew what they were doing and it was there aim to keep our server offline for as long as possible. At the moment all blocks have been removed and we are working with several ISPs to block the remaining traffic from hitting out network.We apologise for this outage and we hope that you understand we are doing our best to restore your normal service.
Another post...

Just to let you guys know i have found another host,and we will be moving by the middle of next week.

Looks like tech-critic, Osbetas and Hardwaregeeks were also hit.


Bow Down to the King
Political User
It's amazing how some people on the 'Net don't have anything better to do than cause harm to others. DoS attacks have cost me around $500 USD in the past four years. I almost lost my co-lo all together.


Double O Egghead
it's very scary when I rea;ize 2 years has passed like it was yesterday.

I think "we need a drink while another days dies"

I was searching the forums and found this thread posted December 28th, 2002 9:01am.


Dabba Dooba
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lol...sure is a big bump hump but what the hey everybody has bumped humped a thread. I thought it was real too i was like o fook.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Damn it, I think old threads should have a big "THIS IS OLD" warnning on them if they are over 6 months old. It would stop people (me) reading thread bumps thinking "Wow, thats new!" then disscover it doesn't matre as it happend 2 YEARS A GO! :D

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