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If anyone is familiar with this, when I look at the status page on the web interface, it is giving me a time of day that is way off. When the machine the router is running on reboots, it gives me a three beep warning, which I think may be a bad cmos.

Question: would a bad time-of-day cause a problem syncing with my ISP?

I seem to get disconnected every few minutes, although it has only been happening the last couple of days.

Please keep the topics here to Windows XP-based networking problems.The BBIagent software is based on Linux and is off-topic here.

Direct all BBIagent support questions to the people who designed the software. Use this link to contact support for the BBI routing software:

That's funny, it was this site that originally posted the news about the router, it was this site where I was coming to get advice about it, and it was a longstanding member of this site, xtricate, who started this whole topic in the first place. I was even ADVISED by a moderator here to move the discussion to these forums, rather than on the main page.

Please see this.

Lastly, my main question, about my cmos and the wrong time problem, had nothing to do with the router. It would be similar to:

"Hi, I have XP, but I am having problems with Norton 2001, if anyone else uses Norton, please let me know."
It does sound like a dead CMOS battery. If you have a manual for your motherboard, they usually have a key to what beep codes mean.
Thanks. It turns out it probably had nothing to do with the wrong time, as my connection has been running straight now for several hours.

BTW, I can understand why you wouldn't want the forums being filled up with non-xp issues. Thanks for being reasonable, though, and I will take that into consideration in the future.


p.s. when do I get to change my tag? (little title below avatar)

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