BBC investigates Doctor Who leak



The BBC is investigating how an episode of the new Doctor Who series ended up on the internet three weeks before the show is due to begin on BBC One.

A show spokesperson said the leak was a "significant breach of copyright". "We would urge viewers not to spoil their enjoyment and to wait for the finished version, which airs at the end of the month," a statement said.

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I hope the new "Doctor Who" is broadcast in the U.S. sometime soon after it first airs in the UK. I think it used to be a rule that BBC would delay shows three years before we'd get them. Of course, a lot of things have changed since the late 1980s-early 1990s.



I would Luv to know where the download site is, that's the only thing I would download that is illegal :suprised:


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I just recently read that at ShortNews and I was like what the hell is "Dr. Who" but if it has been running for 26 years I guess it is a good series. I forgot when it stopped airing i believe it was something like 1989.