Battlestar Galactica


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Alright, I kinda just got into this show. I watched Season 1 awhile back, and then stoped for awhile.

I just got Season 2, finished it, thought it was short.

Then went to get Season 3, watched the first part of episode 1 and when they show last time on battlestar, I didn't see any of those shots.

I asked my sister what they have at blockbuster and she says they have Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5

What is this? What happened to the seasons, and confused and all? Did they stop the show at one point, I remember people talking about something happened but can't remember.....?


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Well I guess it wasen't just the USA cause they have that here too I guess.

That's stupid, but alright.



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Alright, I just finished some of season 2.5 and there really is only one question that comes to mind and I'm sure its not really important.

Scar, the ship......was that the ship starbuck took apart? if so how did it get loose and out there on its own and killing people, didn't she take it back to caprica and got it stolen ...

very confused...


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I just watched the last episode of Season 3, and before the show ended i had like 6 or so questions about the season, but once i just finished the show all i can say is



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Oh here is a question I have had for awhile...

There was the original BSG, was that show finished, or just stopped being made?

Like do people who watched the old one, and now watching the new one know whats going to happen next?


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It's not exactly the same Bman.

There are significant differences to the Mythos, although the overall locations and introduction of plot props is shared.

There is an overall theme, of finding earth. I would readup on things and you can somewhat get an idea of expectations, although I am not sure they are going to do the time-lapse thinger.


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Oh alright, that makes sense, different ideas in away.

I don't really want to know more about what happens until I watch the 4th season, I was just wondering if they were the same, and if people who watched the old one, well you know what I asked lol
this new one is basically a "what if it happened this way instead" re-telling of the original. Key plot elements are the same however.

The wiki I linked earlier has all the info you need :)


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I'm a lazy person and that wiki is complicated and unorganized, well to me it is.

I can't really find any good info there, and i love asking questions here so SMO)AN lol

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