Battlestar Galactica

Just watched the 3 hour "remake" of Battlestar Galactica, and it absolutely rocks.

If they can take this level of writing through to the recently announced series then i think we could have a classic on the way.

The only gripe i have is that i just cant get over Starbuck as a woman - no i aint being sexist - its just, well, not what i expected.


I wouldnt call it a re-make since that would say they just updated the original.... I would say they did a lot more than that. They gave it some great quailities. Starbuck as a woman was my only gripe. I thought the story line was much better and the quality and story line were above par. Muc much better than the campy 80's original.
From what I have read they are making it into a series again with certain twists and turns in the story line. Some episodes like Pegasus from the original the current producers want to update and redo. It was a much better mini movie than I had expected.
I though some of the touches were really good, like how when they switched to space shots that everything was muted, the missiles that spread out from the cylon ships just made you think S*******T, and the camera shake added something else to it too.

And lets not forget some quality weaponry too - Nukes.... It added a sense of fear and dread that you dont normally get from a program like that. Usually you would fear a character or a race, ala star trek, but in those programs it never mounted upto much, yet right from the start we have and enemy that is utterly feared by all.

I just hope they dont tame them down a bit, like Star Trek did with the Borg.

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hmmm need to watch this just got the orgional series on DVD and it still rocks cheesy yes but did that make the a-team bad ? its got a lot to live up will have to try to see it


Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
Watched both, and will be watching the series now! Yeh Starbuck's a burd, nevermind - I think we'd have moaned anyway cos it isn't "Face" from the A-team anymore! The Cylons are more scary now than when I was a wee nipper bak in the 70's!

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