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Battlefiled 1942 Demo

well it don't work for me. It installs fine, but won't run. I'll try to run it and my screen will go black for a second and then back to the desktop it goes. Also I hear the windows error sound but no message pops up.

Any ideas why this won't work?

I've also tried running it in win98 compatibility mode too with no luck still does the same thing.
same problem......

I am having the same problem with the demo, everytime i go to run it, it goes black then comes back to desktop with a "DING" sound, thats it, so i checked the LOGS and it says
"Debug asertion failed!

Line: 0

Text: Invalid videomode specified" and on the other log file it says "(0): Error: : Invalid videomode specified", any experts here know anything (EA SUPPORT :p) ..... my specs are in my sig.....


ps... YHARN, kinda weird we both got a gf4 ti 4200 :p, maybe its not compatible with that card??


Worked fine with me, went black the first time about 10sec or some, but worked fine at the end..


Since you said it's an EA game, I'd look for a video config link in your programs area. Most EA games I've seen have one.
Other than that, maybe back down your screen res and/or color depth and try it.

its only the demo, i couldnt care too much as long as the FINAL is fixed.... i got too many other games to worry about hehe, still gotta beat SOF II and GTA III.... :rolleyes:

i have the latest drivers and have messed with lots of settings.

I have also searched the EA forums for help and found that there is a problem with both the single and multiplayer demos with the nvidia cards. Most people that are experiencing this problem are running the g3 TI500. EA says they are working on a fix. I have also found many so-called fixes but none of them have worked for me.

If you want to try them just go to the BF1942 website and click on message boards.


If you are using the NVrefresh tool wich can be dloaded from this site that is the reason it wil not let the game run. Open the refresh tool and select "setdefaults" and restart your PC. If you dont like playing the game in 60Hz which im sure nobody does look for a tool called refresh lock or download here http://home.rochester.rr.com/brokenshiznit/downloads/refreshlock.zip it doesnt change the ini file in winXP it must do it somewhere else, but this will allow you to play game above the 60Hz as NVrefsh fix did and also allow you to play bf1942 which i must say is a very interesting and fun game....

Your Welcome



If the link doesnt work here is the page that i found the program on http://www.pagehosting.co.uk/rl/ I had all my friends download load it a few had problems getting it from my server so if all fails go here. email me if you have any problems with the program.


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