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Battlefield Vietnam

I picked it up, and installed it...

Not bad, not bad! most definatly better than 1942

But there are many issues with ATi videocards :(

I hope some patches fix it up....

I will post some screenies later


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Yeah played Bf Vietnam enjoyable online however only for people who love america... It can get very cheesey :mad:
much smoother than the previous game but without operation market garden, and the good mod which is eve of destuction i expect alot of people will stick to the old game for the time being. :confused:
Me to

Very nice game though it reminds me of the early days of BF42. When BF42 came it out it had several problems as well, primarily lag and choppy play. Same with BFV. There are already several post on how to correct the lag though I am not sure anything has been successful yet.



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You don't have to be pro-American to like it, you can be anti-American and go it as the Vietnamese if you choose to.

As for the game itself, I like it overall except for the lag issues it sometimes has...also it has alot of jungles...which can get annoying after a while, but meih, great game either way.


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Some serious issues with the graphics on NVidia too! I found myself walking through a whole forest of chopped up buildings and weird ****! Not really good for a commercial release.

Ho hum, back to DC :D

Electronic Punk

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I had a choice between this and ut2004, went for the latter.
I have already paid for condition zero, so perhaps far cry will be next.

I bough 1942 as well as the first addon, and while desert combat looks really cool, I just never got around to checking it out online.
Not impressed with this game at all. Cheesy game play, choppy graphics, ridiculous AI, and poor configuration of control keys. You can use a joystick (except FF2) but for the jeep and Hueys you have to use various cross pattern keyboard setups. Love the 60's music in this game however. It slightly reminded me of the first Delta Force. I have to remind myself that I'm not playing Rainbow Six 3 or COD.


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Electronic Punk said:
I had a choice between this and ut2004, went for the latter.
I have already paid for condition zero, so perhaps far cry will be next.

I bough 1942 as well as the first addon, and while desert combat looks really cool, I just never got around to checking it out online.
Desert Combat lags badly and the creators know and are trying to work on the issue. DCX (Desert Combat Extended), IMO, is better than DC but it also has a lag problem.

I heard the CZ is basically Counterstrike, but with the a single player mode. Skins and maps are still the same. Is this true? What is the difference between the two that makes CZ a major upgrade from CS?
My gaming clan is heavy into BF 1942/DC and Battlefield Vietnam. We play at least 15 hours a week in games up to 40 people.

Neither game lags with a decent computer, server and internet connection and there are plenty of servers!

Real System Minimum is:
- 2 gig CPU
- 9500 PRO (5600 FX Ultra) or better (9600 PRO / 5600 FX are a bit too slow full detail)
- 768 meg MINIMUM. The Vietnam game is a memory PIG. DC needs 512.
- DSL or Cable, forget dialup
Note this is all 2 year old technology so gamers should not be complaining.

If you want to complain about the games the real bugs are:
- Technical
..ATI and more so w/Nvidia. Video drivers (on some cards) cause textures to disappear in BF vietnam. A new Nvidia driver appears to have fixed most of this.
..I occasionally get dumped to desktop after an hour or two of playing BF Vietnam, DC is completely stable.
.. None of my clan has had much luck using joystick in BF Vietnam. Probbaly technical issues. I could not even set up my wingman extreme. The commands went in wrong.

- Esthetics
..The damn stupid graphics designers must be half blind and wear coke bottle glasses. The field of view is too limited to the sides. They cut out the feel of peripheral vision. Also, the weapons are too big and "in your face" causing distraction at best and serious disorientation (dizziness) when playing aggressively.
..They did not put a way to turn off or change the gook chatter to english. Also, the english chatter, while realistic for the era is annoying too after a while. DC you can change the Rag chatter to English.

-Detail Complaints
..The M60 in BFV is a little too good. The tanks a little too wimpy.

All of the BF Vietnam bugs are solvable with the first patch, except maybe the in your face feel of the visual field. You do adjust to the feel. It just detracts from the game. Tribes 2 never had that annoying feeling. I'll never understand why it was introduced into BF and made worse in Vietnam.

I usually never buy a new game at release buy my buddies made me buy Vietnam. It was worth the money. Game play and visuals are very good. Music is superb. Realism is a little disturbing, I grew up during Nam. Some of the historical detail is incorrect (gooks didn't have helicopters, tanks, there were no guided shoulder launched SAMs back then and the MIGs didn't last very long...).

The first patch and updated ATI/Nvidia drivers should cure any bugs and hopefully add improved controls.
Damn I really want to get that game but if you guys are saying there are video issues I may wait. Me and a few buddies are living in an apartment complex right off campus at my college. We want to all get it so we can use our wireless networks to connect to each other.
Here's the video issue hit list info from my clan:

-Make sure you have AA set low 2-4x. It won't run at all with 8x.
-The 4.4 cats have no know fixes yet but the AA is on the ATI hit list.
-My 9500 Pro occasionally shows polygons through the textures.
-The 9800 PRO is running BFV just fine.

For Nvidia
The latest Nvidia driver made the game playable for the 5600 Ultra.
The 5600 was running it fine.

Homeworld 2 graphics was a lot worse at release.

Oh yeah, you do get the occasional crash to desktop. You can just restart the game though. At least it crashes gracefully...
It depends really on what sort of game you want?
Bf Vietnam is certainly growing popular online, but if you havn't got broadband (probably only Electronic Punk left in the world now though...LOL)
you might aswell forget it.

Call of duty is a great game and well worth playing. Not sure how the online community of COD is going as i mostly play Bf 1942, nothing can beat that for online battles at the moment imho.

So for online go for Battlefield...
Single player go for Call of Duty...
Both are good :D
BF Vietnam is a stand alone.

Haven't played COD. BFV is pretty good. It suffers from the same in your face feel problem as Battlefield and desperately needs astability fix patch. But then most first releases do.

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