Battlefield Vietnam: Lazy Mouse Issue


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1 Mar 2004
While playing battlefield Vietnam I have a lazy mouse issue. What I mean is that when I move the mouse the mouse pointer "swings" to the direction I want to move it to as opposed to actually moving there in a more rigid and tight manner. Moving the mouse pointer back and forth in the game causes it to move as if it was blowing in the wind, that is moving with momentum.

This is definately a game issue as when I move the mouse pointer in Battlefield 1942 or any other game, or on the desktop it moves normally. The pointer stops where it is suppose to and does not "drift"

Any suggestions as to how to correct this. I've tried playing around with the mouse sensitivity setting within the game and that does nothing to correct it.

No problems with my Logitech mice in BFV. What make and model?

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