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[Review] Battlefield - Armored Fury

Battlefield 2: Armored Fury
Prepare to defend the homeland! The latest booster pack from the Battlefield 2 team, brings all-out war to American soil for the first time.
Armored Fury drops players into a deadly confrontation between the Middle Eastern Coalition, Chinese Army and U.S. forces following an attempted invasion of America.

First things first. Let's talk about the shiny packaging for this game. Wait... There is none. Purchasing this game at the moment at least is completely online. You have to use the EA Downoader program which is much like the Steam software for your HL2/Counterstrike games. Use the downloader to download the game, and then install it. Whenever you want to play the game, launch the downloader and then launch your choice of the installed games.
It seems as though this started after Special forces. Companies want to take control of who is getting their hands on the games by battling pirating. Which I can understand their concerns which is Money of course, but having us download the game everytime we may happen to uninstall or format it is somewhat cumbersome. I want a hard copy to which I can quickly whip out the CD for and install. But that would raise the pricetag from the current $9.99 to probably $29.99 like special forces.

Onto the gameplay.
Much like other players, I enjoy battling it out in new maps with new weapons and new posibilities. Which Armored Forces gives me just that. Despite some of the lack of creativity that EA is still showing in it's maps, they have come up with a very unique and wonderful way to sell a game that was getting stale with European, Tropical, and Chinese battlegrounds... Bring it to the good ol USA! Believe me, I like the idea of this, but having the Chinese invadors hitting us on the Eastern seaboard just doesn't make as much sense as say... The Cubans, or the Russians or even Greenland for that matter. It just doesn't make that much sense that they would travel around the USA through the Panama Canal or below South America to hit our Eastern seaboard. Ok, it's possible I guess but somewhat of a longshot if they wanted to strike us. The maps are Comprised of a highway siege, a farmland battle, and a small mountain woodland town attack. All 3 boast some interesting features of advantage.

Operation Harvest - space to get snipers a chance to make some nice long shots, while it still has some building assault style combat.
Midnight Sun - At night is when the battles get sneaky. This Mountain town battle uses bridges to get from one side of the town to the other. They've even brought a covered bridge in for some great road blocking fun.
Operation Road Rage - This one I found to be the hardest map of the 3. Although, getting everything for BF2 set back up after a reinstall of windows didn't help either. Both sides meet in the middle to try to outweigh the opposing team right on the thruway. Here's a shot of some of the action.

After playing this game, I noticed that it is still quite buggy. Some lockups and game crashes made me disappointed with the game. Now, I might have to go back and reinstall my AMD Dual Core Processor driver or try one of the other methods which could be causing the lockup, but the crash was definitely not my end. EA needs to thoroughly bug test these games. Maybe get some more Beta testers if they are even doing that. It's free quality control for them.
Overall, I have to say that I am giving the game a 6.5 out of 10.
While having 3 new maps, 6 new jets, and 1 new advancement. The game still lacks quite a bit. From bugs, crashes, lack of creativity, and the minimal additions to the game, It's still feeling like the same ol same ol.

I'll be playing it some more here in a few minutes after trying the AMD drivers again, and I'll update this post should their be any changes necessary.

3 New Maps -

* Operation Harvest
* Midnight Sun
* Operation Road Rage

6 New vehicles

* Ground Attack Jet - A-10
* Scout Heli - Littlebird
* Ground Attack Jet - SU-39
* Scout Heli - EC-635
* Ground Attack Jet - Fantan Q-5
* Scout Heli - WZ-11

1 new award

* American Theater Special Service Ribbon

This game was played on a custom built computer.
AMD Opteron 175
2GB OCZ EL Platinum Rev.2
Asus A8N SLi Premium
OCZ Powerstream 420W
Nvidia 7800GTX 256mb
Seagate 120GB SATA
Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum
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A good review, and its interetsing they are using a steam-esq method of delivery.

Do they not allow you to back up the content files like steam though?

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