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battlefield 2 issues


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I've never had a problem playing BF2 and have been playing since last summer, after my recent format I just reinstalled bf2 and now I can't seem to play. I have the latest nvidia drivers, directx and so on. Tried reinstalling the game but to no avail. All I got when I startup (and a slow one at that) is a grey screen at the login screen for those who might know the game. The music is still running and all and you can ever still watch the intro video prior to the login screen. Also, ctrl + alt + del works fine and u can simply close the game with alt f4 which wasn't like that before.

Anybody have ideas?


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Ok, so that tells you that its not a game problem. Its most likely video related in some way. You have the 81.98 drivers? and the latest chipset drivers?


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yup installed all the latest nvidia 81.98 drivers (and uninstalled then reinstalled a few times) plus the chipset drivers from asrock website. tried this program called driver-cleaner and it didn't help either


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Hmm, this is quite odd. Have you changed something since you played it last? Like something you havnt installed before, or anything along those lines?

Also, do you use Azureus? (this might seem like an odd question)
I guess after I formatted lol. After I formatted I reinstalled all the neccesary drivers and all. Before I even formatted I had up to date drivers too. Haven't done too much to my system's settings after formatting and installing XP just installed the neccesities.
Oh, and i USED to use azureus (why do u ask?) but that was before i did the format.

The only difference I can really think pre-post format is a different windows, both were XP just i found a copy of XP SP2 "Gold Edition" (i heard it's legit, look it up). Plus I used to have a free copy of mcafee virus scan from the mcafee site but now i got a full version of mcafee (virus scan, firewall and all) after formatting. Before used to have zone alarm as a firewall.


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Damn, nice quick response :)

Well, at this point you could either spend hours.. or days... or longer figuring out why why why!! Or just take the easy way out and format again. Most likely wont rear its ugly a second time, and if it does then its most likely something you are doing/installing.

The reason I asked about Azureus is because back when I used it I got weird graphics problems. For example if I had a application open that used D3D or OpenGL and I started up Azureus the application in question would completely freeze.
Thanks, I'm sitting idley by to figure out this problem lol. BF2 is the only game I play nowadays. Well...did.

I really don't, and I mean DON'T wanna format again. GOing through installing XP again (if any of you have seen my previous threads) I have installed this XP 3 times to get it right (albeit the 2nd time wasn't neccesary). Everythign was working fine just the game doesn't work :(


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I guess I havnt seen your other threads, but if you are having problems getting a stable install of windows maybe this is related. You might have greater things wrong with your computer.
Make sure none of the BF2 Patches are corrupted.

If you have a copy of 3dmark05 install and run it to make sure the video system is really installed ok. That should rule out anything BF2 unrelated.

And as much as you will hate hearing this.... I had to try four times to get BF1 to install and work. It was a pain in the butt!

PS When did the V1.2 patch comeout? I just tried to load the game to make sure none of the latest XP security patches were affecting it and found out about the BF2 1.2 patch. Downloading it now. The V1.12 still loads ok with a fully updated XP2 Pro.
BF2 patch 1.2 came out earlier this week I believe.

I'll try that program too. When I uninstalled bf2 the first few times, the folder in My Doc's was gone too as with the main folder in program files.
Tried reinstalling XP without a format (because I'm tired of formatting these last 2 weeks), uninstalled Nvidia driver 81.98 (the latest) and installed BF2's nvidia driver which is somewhere in the 79.x area I believe. Ran the game, got to the login screen but the text was somewhat scrambled (came out as blocks) so nothing really worked plus it froze. Tried installing Far Cry to see if that might work and it didn't work either on startup after trademark intro.

Uninstalled nvidia again, uninstalled ULI AGP driver and went to ASRock site to re-download it and installed. Later on installed nvidia 81.98 again and tested out BF2 again.

Nothiing has changed, still the grey screen.
well neither far cry or battlefield 2 work so i will jump to that assumption yes, no games work.

i'm downloading 3dmark05 now but im not even sure what that'll do for me.

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