Battlefield 1942 Won’t Load

I finally got around to buying BF 1942, I gave it a miss after hearing it was full of bugs at release, but now people are saying it was fine with the latest patches and one of the best online games around. The game installed ok but as soon as I try to play I get the tile screen for a couple of seconds and then it crashes back to the desktop, I have direct X 9 on my main comp (see sig) so I tried on my other comp a 1.1 P3, Geforce 3, 512 mb sdram, via 133A chipset mobo, Direct X8 but exactly the same thing happened at exactly the same time. I updated to the 1.31 patch on both comps but just the same result, installed the latest nvidia drives but I cant even get past the title screen. I can’t get my head around that it doses the same thing on two completely different comps. Anybody got any ideas.:mad:


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i bet setting your monitor to 60hz refresh rate works ;)

if you had gone over to and done a search you would find that there is a file called videodefault.con or video.con (not sure what 1) anyway opening 1 of those with notepad will reveal a line saying

allow refresh rate 0

change to allow refresh rate 1

and it will load.
Since higher refresh rates would be nice, go to "Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings" and set the value "renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1". I'll bet anything it's 0 right now.


I had the same issue,

Patch 1.31
Road to roam Expansion

with crack installed.

when in the main menu, it will sit there as long as needed untill you move the mouse on one of the menu items.

Just took a reinstall for it to work.

P.S - I own the full origional game. and it was cracked out of laziness. not piracy.
OK I just got around to installing it again, and after applying the patch I found the allowAllRefreshRates 0 and changed the value to 1 and it fired up first go. Thanks for help;) Pitty the dont put it in the manual !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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it's a pity the dipsheets who made the game (and they all know about the refresh problem) didnt flick the switch to 1 in the 1st patch, or the 2nd patch, and 3rd patch.

its almost like they dont want to fix the software.....
but but but...... bahhhhh... and they wonder why i quit eve online...

btw, you going to get the desert combat mod for BF1942 and the DC map pack, they total almost 500mb, but worth it.
Mine still reads = 0, and I have a refreshrate of 85 going. With SP1, have you set the override in dxdiag-> more help? With Nvidia cards you can also set a D3D override.


the desert combat mod is only like 168MB

500MB LOL -

But I do agree, it is worth it.

It just makes the game as if you were playing in IRAQ !!

Kick ass fighter jets, great new weapons, I think there are 3 new maps, but installing the road to roam expansion at the same time as the mod distorts this memory of mine,

The tanks are amazing, the Humvees are kick ass,

I also enjoy the heavy artillary guys that can launch mortars!!


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