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battlefield 1942 Loading times



is there a way to get the maps to load a bit faster im got a p3 733mhz,256ram,gf4 ti4200 and 20gb hd


also have alook task manager when playing that game with 150% bots it sucks over 500mb of ram


that didnt answer my question i got the latest patches i mean when playing online how can i make load maps fast?
256MB of RAM is hardly enough. I jumped up to 768MB and my maps load in 5 or so seconds. Time for an upgrade. RAM is so cheap these days, I am sure you can find the money to do it.


Get an extra 256mb of ram......

I went from 512 to 1024 and my maps now load lots quicker..

memory is dirt cheap these days :)

I remember paying £160 ($260) for 2 megabyte of ram


Computer Genius
faster/more ram won't help loading times very much

the only way to significantly decrease loading times for bf1942 is to get a faster hard drive.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the difference 512 makes. Virtual CD will also help considerably, although it will take many hours to make make the initial conversion, the end result is almost instant map loading.
Originally posted by Vibe69
what do u mean virtual cd??
He means a virtual drive program that makes the game think its checking your cd drive at startup but is really using your harddrive. It is much faster and you dont need the cd to play. I use alcohol120% for this. Between that and a gig of ram my maps load incredibly fast.

Originally posted by cpugeniusmv
faster/more ram won't help loading times very much.


ok i got alcohol120% but i have no clue what to do with it? like how it so like that guy said it loads everything really fast like the game is install on my pc. so what do i do with the 2 cd's?


This game loves ram, thats the ticket to faster loading times. Also, don't be afraid of just using a nocd crack on it, this will have the same effect as a virtual cd drive, except that you won't have to waste 700mb + of harddrive space.
Open alcohol and on the options panel click virtual device.
Set your number of virtual devices you want(I only use 1 for BF1942 but you can create as many as you like for any other games you want to do this to. Make sure remount images upon reboot is checked. Click ok.

Now put the game cd you use in a drive and click Image Making Wizard.
Select your cd or dvd player that your cd is in and click next. Alcohol will burn an image of your cd onto your hard drive. I believe it puts it in my documents/alcohol120 by default, or maybe thats just where I put it? You can put it wherever you want. It takes awhile for it to burn so be patient. Your going to see many errors during the copy process, dont worry, you dont need a perfect copy for this to work.

After its done go to either "my computer" or back to alcohol and locate your "Virtual cd/dvd-rom" Right click, and select Mount Image. Point it at the copy you burned and saved earlier and apply the image. Done.

Make sure your game cd is no longer in the drive and start the game. The first time you use it the game may ask you for the cd, just hit continue until it finds your virtual BF1942 drive. Good luck.

Note: Even if the alcohol trial runs out or you decide not to use it, your virtual drive(s) will still work and remain until you uninstall them.
Originally posted by Blitzkrieg
This game loves ram, thats the ticket to faster loading times. Also, don't be afraid of just using a nocd crack on it, this will have the same effect as a virtual cd drive, except that you won't have to waste 700mb + of harddrive space.
Agreed. I love no cd hacks whether they are legal or not. However, I havnt found a single one yet that will work consistently for this game since it is patched and modded so often. The alcohol method will work always since the game thinks the virtual drive is the original cd. This is the only game I use alcohol on just for that reason.


Patch 1.4 will be out shortly, Id waituntil that patch is available then NOCD cracks will be more useful.

I can play this game with 25% cpu time and 400% bots with a solid 70fps at even the most Congested battles.:D

Maps load slower When on multiplayer for obvious reasons.

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