battlefield 1942 cd


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20 Jan 2003
ok here is my story
i have 2 comptuers in my room
and i own 2 copys of battlefield 1942
1 copy i baught
1 copy my friend baught
now my friend just baught a computer so he needs a BF1942 cd
the problem is we have lost 2 cds
yes this sounds like BS but its the truth
we used to have 4 cds now we have 2
how do i go about making a working ISO or copy of the cd??
if this violates the forum rules
im sorry and just delete the post

You should just be able to install it and then apply a no-cd crack?
If not, making iso's of copyprotected games is very tricky stuff, and best left alone or else you'll get a lot of coasters.
well once i get an ISO working ill burn it
so no coasters

but i dont want a no cd crack becuase then i cant update when new patches come out
and if i lose 1 more cd i cant install the game ever again :(
ill have 2 keys with no cds to install
hmm. i think you could find some information if you went to google with your issue. basically you have a game you want to copy. now where in the world would you go to learn about that?
Do you think he got it?

BTW making game copies is your lawful right (so far) and prudent data security practice. Just ask Celticfan...

Help sites:

Backup software:
Alcohol 120%
Clone CD

Turn hide CDR on when using your backup disk copy or it won't work. A slight drawback for US citizens is that Hide CDR is illegal here, but amusingly not in England, Canada, and many other English speaking countries.

Another drawback is, I belive, that you can't post which copy protection scheme is used. Buy Clony XXL can tell you with that, or just check the sites above for help.

If it is legal to post the copy protection scheme could a mod let me know?
rip with alcohol 120% and mount with daemon tools, i have mounted images, and don't need a no cd crack to play :)
That still leaves oyu at the mercy of data loss. Burn one even if you mount.

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