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Battle field 1942? OR UT2003?


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I've got both....and found that the speed and excitement of UT2003 out does BF1942! Not that BF is a bad game, far from it...just the intense action of UT is more enjoyable (although i havent played either for ages!).

Spearhead beats both IMO. ;)


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I agree with teddy about UT2003 having more in your face action
but you should really try some mods for battlefield.
Then you will see differently:D


This mod is the best!!!
It simply modifies all the weapons and vehicles to modern day.
They've also added helicopters in which I think is the highlight of the mod;)


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i find it very hard to take BF1942 serious, i do play it a lot though.

MOHAA is my game and i did enjoy the UT2k3 demo


Considering how both games are opposite ends of the "first player shooter" spectrum, you can't begin to compare them. That's like comparing WarCraft 3 to The Sims. :rolleyes:


bf1942 is pretty fun since u get to fly planes, drive boats and stuff good game but utk2003 is good too
These games, are, the most amazing multiplayer games since Doom originally came out. They are both great experiences, and if you don't have them, go buy them.


yes...buy them..... ;) i think BF is more fun, well for me anyway, cuz if u hve good players playin with u, u can have some awesome games, and for clan matches u can have some awesome tactics! :D



Personally I have both and they are great..

as mentioned, they are different types of games.. if you want a fast paced blow em up game UT2K3 is the game for you.. if you want a slower paced game and the ability to fly planes, drive tanks n such BF1942 is super fun.. as mentioned, the Desert Combat mod is fantastic and adds a more current military overtone.. I started flying the Apache helicopter recently and all had a good laugh as I spun out of control and crashed into an enemy base.. once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad.. I managed to get in some kills before slamming into the ground.. the M1A1 tanks are fast and powerful..

anyhow, yes, they are different types of games and I personally recommend getting both of them so you can have a change of pace... I often switch between them...


I should also mention there is a cool GI Joe mod for BF1942.. modders are working on Star Wars mods for both games as well.. currently the mod for BF is set for alpha release on March 14th (www.swbattlefield.com)


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ut2k3 is ehhh same ol same ol thats why BF1942 won game of the year in PCG because it wasn't just a pretty remake of an older game (and believe me BF1942 is not pretty guns look horrid) other then the ugly guns its a fun game so is UT2K3 but it doesn't bring anything new to the table other then rag doll physics. (which is awesome!!!) and a really nice looking game.


Originally posted by _DM_
what of these 2 games have the best graphics?
UT2003 has the best

But I play BF1942 way more. It is just more fun to suicide bomb with jeeps and bombs.

Both are totally different games but I get more gameplay from From Battlefield.
Two different types of games. If you play UT2K3 like I do... I play like I am on a kamakazi mission. I am good at it too. I hate hiding around corners. UT wasn't made for tactics. Now, try doing that in BF1942... Doesn't work. I like them both for what they are. Don't know that I would put them up against eachother.

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