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Batch File Renamer


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I use The Godfather to do my MP3 collection, love it. Does only MP3s.

I need a program that can rename lots of files at once, say I have a set of pictures, and want them to all be named school, like School 1, School 2, etc.

I searched google and well there seems to me lots. Anyone have a favorite?

Best one out there?

I love this one. It's got more options than you could dream of, and I use it to organize all my MP3s/pics. Especially nice features are search/replace, adding stuff to the beginning or end of the file name, changing underscores to spaces and vice versa, capitalization options too.

Be sure to hit F2 right away when you use it. That's where all the nice options are!


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Thanks, I will consider it if I can't find something just for renaming. I hate extra crap. lol


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These are all Explorer replacements and thats really not what I want.

Is there any good just file batch renamers out there?

and yes I could try downloading each google result, but I'd rather not.
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I have used Lupus Rename for a long time. Does pretty much everything you need it to http://rename.lupasfreeware.org/

Here are a few features to help you rename the files:
  • Rename files and folders
  • Rename files in recursive subdirectories
  • Shell Integration (right click on a folder in the explorer to start LupasRename on these folder)
  • Instant Preview (Optional)
  • Undo the last rename operation
  • Make a Batch file to rename from a DOS Console
  • Make a Batch file for UNDO operation from a DOS Console
  • Save and Load your options into an INI File
  • Filter by any masks: *.mp3;*.mp2 or ???a*.txt...
  • Load/Edit a Text Files in a Small Editor to help renaming files
  • Sort Ascendent/Descendent by any column (name, path, size...)
  • It display the next columns:
    • Name
    • Path
    • Size
    • Type
    • Ext
    • Creation Date
    • Modification Date
    • Accessed Date
    • Attributes
  • Replace the name by any text
  • Replace a substring by other with Matchcase Optional
  • Crop n Chars (Left and/or Right)
  • Insert any string before and/or after the Filename
  • Convert to Upper Case (filename)
  • Convert to Lower Case (filename)
  • Convert to Upper only the First Letter Of Any Word (filename)
  • Convert to Lower oNLY tHE fIRST lLETTER (filename)
  • Replace the extension by any text
  • Replace a substring by other with Matchcase Optional in Extension
  • Crop n Chars in Extension (Left and/or Right)
  • Insert any string before/after the extension
  • Convert to Upper Case (extension)
  • Convert to Lower Case (extension)
  • Convert to Upper only the First Letter Of Any Word (extension)
  • Convert to Lower oNLY tHE fIRST lLETTER (extension)
  • Remove the accent symbols
  • Support for autorename the Display Comic Reader extensions
  • Autonumbering in any place of the name or extension of the filename (Optional autostart by Folder in recursive mode)
    • Starting at any number
    • Incrementing by any number (positive or negative)
    • Adding n zeros to the number
    • In Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary, Excel Mode and Manual Excel Mode formats
  • Also With TAGS it supports any Base Number
  • Option to view folders or not
  • Option to work with folders as files or not
  • Option to view files or not
  • Option to remember the Last Path
  • Option to remember Windows position and size
  • The Main Window is sizable
  • It allow a couple of languages
  • ...
  • You can use TAGs in any text box to use special features when renaming:
    • TAGs to use the Current Date with any format you want
      • Day, Mont, year, Hour, Minutes and Seconds
    • TAGs for MP3 Files (Title, Artist, Album, Year and Comment)
    • for RA Files (Title, Author and Copyright)
    • for Graphic Files (JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PSD, PNG, TGA, LBM and PCX)
      • Width, Height, Bits and Color
    • to extract the original name from Nintendo 64 Roms
    • to Create random names
    • to use the Date of Files
    • to use Manual Numbering
      • In any base numeric format and in Excel Format by using the characters you need
    • to insert Data from external Files
    • to extract the titles from HTML pages


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Dwarf, you found my program. THANKS, it is amazing. I think I might even be able to get rid of the godfather as well.

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