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Batch file joiner


Stranger Than Fiction
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Trying to join a bunch of small wmv's into a big one.

Thought the script was:

@echo off

copy /b file1.wmv + file2.wmv "combined.wmv"


All this gives me is a large file with only the video from the first file. I also tried using a *.wmv that gave me the same results and if I leave off the /b it doesn't work at all.

I know this works but I just can't remember what I'm missing. Any ideas?


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You can only do that with mpeg, since it does not store the length or any other information in the file, rather the player has to read it upon first opening the file from front to end, to find out how long it is. That is why you are only getting the first video and not the second. As far as Windows Media Player knows the file is over, and the rest is just random junk in the file that really does not belong there, but it knows not to touch it since the file information at the beginning of the first WMV said that it was only a certain length.


Stranger Than Fiction
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Is there a program out there that will join these? I found a few on google but most are crap. Maybe I'll just convert them to divx first and join 2nd.... stupid wmv.

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