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Bat file and html


I'm sorry Hal...
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You want it to run a bat file on the users machine? or do you want to run a bat file on the server?

if its the first one just do a link to the bat file, but then they'd have to download it an run it (otherwise it would be a massive security risk, and would only work for windows people)

if its the second, the only way I can think of atm is to use scripting language such PHP to do it by linking to a page with the code which calls the bat file and then running whatever the link is.

Sounds odd though, why do you want to do it?
How about this for example....

When you go to the a site to install flash, it automaticly try to install. i.e run the installer?

Is there a way to do this with a batch file?
OK i figured it out for now, I linked to the folder where the bat file is located which opens inside a frame. From there they can just click on the file and click yes.

(This is a local site, intranet)

If you know any other ways let me know.
First you say you want to run it on the server and then all your attempts are run on the client. Even the solution. It's a little backwards, but if it's intranet and it works and you can live with it, go ahead. :)

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