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2 Dec 2001
I just checked out the Central Brain Identifier application, available here:

It says my processor which I always thought was a Barton core AthlonXP 3000+ was actually a Thornton core with 512 L2 cache, I thought that would have made it Barton core?
Never heard of Thornton :/
I have the same chip, and to me 512k L2 was always Barton....
What chip do you have? Have you tried running the app ?
Thornton was the original name for the throughbred core aka TBred.

Barton was the Thornton with a large cache / larger die size. Also, when Barton came out it was 333. The first Tbreds might only have been 266 (memory is going in my old age).

Both are actually the same basic core. The larger cache produces better hits so the slow 333 fsb is not as big a problem. But now with the 400 FSB higher clock Tbreds I'm not sure who's faster.
thats why I am confused as to why it doesn't just say barton.
I have the 3000+ Barton, I went on the site but couldnt see a place for download...?
I have just tried it i have a barton 2500+ (333 fsb) overclocked to 3200+ (400 fsb) and it seems all present and correct :confused: running the same version as you too....


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That would be Thornton, and I have a mint chocolate selection box very close to my right shoulder ;)
Hello guys! He-he, you are searching for the differences? Take a look at MSR HID label. It shows hidden revision of the processor core. Thorton core has 1778h or 1779h and the classic Barton core has 1780h or higher.
Here is the info for mine on cpu z


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Strange, this one calls it Barton, which I always presumed it was!
hmmm the only thing i can think of is the first program does not like you motherboard and hence does not display the results correctly ? (on a sly note which visual style you using e' -punk looks damn funky)
Electronic Punk & indyjones: Oh! Sorry! I forget to introduce myself to you. I’m a beta-tester of Central Brain Identifier. My specific task consists in reporting to the author about all bugs found by users. I also interest in their opinion concerning the program. I have one important question for you both. What the motherboard model do you use? Maybe you know motherboard’s I/O chip model? Because, the core voltage has been detected incorrectly. If you help us we will make support to your I/O chips soon. Thanks for help, guys! It is nice to cooperate with you!

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