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Barry Bonds 715 Baseball On Sale


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Currently at $137,500 with about 5 days to go.

Have to wonder if the current drama around his situation is effecting the value of the ball.


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I think McGuire's ball went for near 5.5 million, can't remember.

That would have been more collectible though because the record was more sacred at the time, it's a bit tainted atm with all the controversy.


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Mcgwire broke the record with a bottle of andro, in his locker. Yes he used, however the retarded God of baseball, had no punishment written about illegal substances unitl recently. Like very recently, so anything that happened before the written..(law) doesn;t really matter.

Todd Mcfarlane purchased the ball with one bid driving up the price, by himself as the ball was comparably priced to Bonds ball right now.

Bet he feels like an idiot now.


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220K isn't bad for a second place homerun ball. Gets ya a nice house (not in S.F. or the Bay Area :p) and first 2 or 3 years property tax payments.


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Yeah the guy isn't complaining - like he said in the article for just stading there getting refreshments, he'll take it :)

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