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Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
Has anyone got any really nifty bakup techniques to share.

e.g. a batch file that will back up documents/folders/Outlook settings etc??

Does anyone have a strict regime on backing up besides running a drive image every week?

Love to hear from ya!


I keep a folder on my e: drive named "Backup". In that folder are several sub-folders (Outlook, Netscape, Word, Registry, Templates, etc). Every so often I copy my bookmarks (favorites), cookies, registry, normal.dot, *.pst, etc to this folder.

I also do image, but the weekly image is only my boot drive and it goes to my e: drive. Every so often I'll do a complete image to CD's.


Bow Down to the King
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Microsoft came up with a nifty little feature called migration. This option is available on the XP CD-ROM. When you use migration is saves your email, favorites, settings, etc. Check it out.


Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
do you manually "export" settings as it were, so you have a completely up-to-date inbox etc. or do you automate it allan?

madmatt - can migration be a set and forget or is it a manual type thang?

I just want to keep my pc up automatically without having to image every other week. (My motto's always been - if it ain't broke, break it!!!)


Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
Originally posted by madmatt
No, it is a manual use function.

Do you have a ZIP drive? or any Iomega product?
I got a CD/RW drive and also an 80 Gb hard drive partitioned to death!

Where is it on the CD m8?


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Iomega has a nifty little program that backs up whatever you choose on change. That's why I wondered.

Insert the CD
Perform additional tasks
Transfer files and settings


I use both a simple batch file I created and manual drag & drop. BTW, if I'm not mistaken there is a fairly new (free I believe) utility available (from MS????) that automates the backup of your Outlook files. I haven't looked into it because I have the batch file created already and that's just as simple for me.


Bow Down to the King
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I must admit, I prefer allan's method. I have D:\Saved Files and every couple of weeks I copy and paste what I want and need. That way I know I am getting all of it and getting it right.

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