Bad mobo or what?


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8 Feb 2004
I'm working on a Emachine. Well, the computer will power up but won't give any post beeps. I've been in another forum and got suggestions on what to check and how to check it. What i came up with was a bad mobo. So, i ordered a new mobo and new processor just to be on the safe side. Well, when i first got the new parts, i still got no post beeps. Came down to being a bad mobo, or so we thought. Sent the mobo back and got another mobo and still nothing.

The first thing i tried when i got the new mobo back was installed the processor, fan and heat sink. Installed a new memory stick. Hooked up my known good psu. The power switch from the case. I did all of this with the mobo out of the case to make sure there wasn't a short or grounding issue. Powered it up and still nothing.

So, does anyone have any ideas as to what else i could check or maybe even what the problem is? Tomorrow i am going to try the processor in my computer just to make sure it's good. Any help would be much appreciated.
You need to post all the spec's on the system you are trying to build. CPU make model, MB part number, ram type/speed/brand, etc. Without details we're all just guessing. On with the guesswork:

"The first thing i tried when i got the new mobo back was installed the processor, fan and heat sink. Installed a new memory stick. Hooked up my known good psu. The power switch from the case. I did all of this with the mobo out of the case to make sure there wasn't a short or grounding issue."

1) You did not mention connecting the case speaker to the MB. I'll assume you did.

2) Did the fans spin up when you pressed the case power supply on switch? If not the case switch is connected to the MB wrong or the PSU is dead. Note. I've heard one brand of MB does not beep on boot if all is well. Can't remember which one.

3) If the fans spin take all the RAM out (with power off) and try another power switch on. See if you get any beeps. If you do the processor & MB are good.

4) If no beeps it's the proc or MB. Check all your MB settings. FSB, RAM speed, CPU clock jumpers (also check in Bios), CMOS reset jumper, etc. Set the bios settings to "default".

5) If MB settings are all good try the Proc in a COMPATIBLE known good MB. If it works there you have a bad MB or one that is not compatible with your processor.

Let us know how it goes.
further from what leejend said...

do you have an onboard ethernet card or modem? or any other sucj device? if so are you plugging it in when you are firing up your rig?

I assume you don't have any pci devices in since you did not mention it when you posted your boot sequence..

if your fans are coming on than you are close to booting... there is probably a short or some other such thing going on... not sure what though till yuo post a litle more :)

we'll try and get you through this m8 if we can :D
So lets get this strait. You replaced the MB twice, you replaced the CPU, You replaced the memory and you replaced the PSU. If thats the case then it sounds like your not hooking it all up right.
or there is a commonality other than the cpu/mobo/psu that is the problem... though it does seem it might well be an incorrect hook-up...
Well, it's not a machine im building. I'm working on this for a friend. It's an Emachine T1400. Santefe-km mobo. Athlon 1600. She was working on (a program, not hardware) the computer and it shut down on her and wouldn't boot back up. When you turn the power on, the fans would come on, the hard drive light lit up for about 2 seconds then goes out and nothing. Fans keep spinning, but no post or boot. I ordered a new mobo and a new processor. When i got them in, i re-installed them without anything extra, ie cd-rom, floppy, pci cards. Still no post or boot. I have tried different power supplies, new memory, new processor and nothing. It is hooked up correctly. I'm not that stupid, i documented where every little connection came from. Been there, done that, aint doing it again. I am going to start testing each part by itself on my computer. What will work anyway.

Oh yeah, for those that keep saying check bios, it won't boot up. Sorry, can't check it just yet. If you need any more info, let me know.
thecableguy... are you connecting the hdd when installing stuff?

if you are... don't... just install cpu/psu on the mobo and gfx device and boot...if nothing... try another gfx device...

the fact that the fans are spinning mean there is something else going on... power is going through the circuits but the system is not passing its bootup checklist...
I first tried it without the hdd connected. Only the cpu, memory and psu. No beeps. The monitor stays in sleep mode, doesn't even come on. It's onboard video and i have tried another video card also on the first mobo. I've also tried it without the memory, just the cpu and psu and nothing.
I know this may sound stupid but could it be the monitor just not turning on?
My gut feeling says we're missing something. Two DOA MB's is really pushing probability but it does happen at work.

It's looking like the MB.

One last possibility, happened to a friend of mine who resells ssytems.

Check the CMOS Reset jumper on the MB and make sure the boards did not arrive with it in the "RESET" position. This can erase the bios when power is applied.

After that if the CPU tested good in another system it's just the MB(s) left.
did you make sure that you have all the standoffs in the case accounted for? and if so do they all have screws?
Checked all jumpers to the original mobo and to the page in the case for the jumper settings. Everything is where it should be.

Checked the monitor on my system already, works fine.

There is actually only one removable standoff in this case. The rest are stamped into the case itself. This is a factory built Emachine. Not sure why i agreed to work on this thing, but i'm in it now.

Next time i hear of an Emachine, i'm telling them to buy a new machine. I'm at a loss on this one. I'll post what my results are from my tests tonight. Any other suggestions would be great while im testing tonight.

FINALLY.............. up and running.

This is about how my luck runs. Ok, just to let you all know what the problem ended up being goes like this.
1. bad original mobo + good processor
2. good replacement mobo + bad new processor

Of course, i was always trying to the 2 new parts together. Didn't want to fry something using old parts on new parts. But, when i tried the new processor in my machine, it wouldn't boot up. So, i decided to try my processor in the new mobo and it worked. So, i knew then it was the processor, not the mobo. I'm going to rma the new processor back. But, while deciding what to drink and how drunk to get after working on this thing, i tried the original processor in the new mobo and it works. So, i guess the mobo was the only bad part originally.

Thanks for all your suggestions and help.
after all that, you deserve about a fifth of jager. Now I see why I don't build computers for a living... too much work :p
I agree, that was a tough one, Cant believe they sent u a bad cpu. Very weird problem. Glad you got it fixed tho. Good Work!
Yes it was a tough one. Aggrivating as well. But, finally figured it out. Yeah, i would have never thought they would have sent me a bad cpu, but when i put mine in her mobo and it worked, i was like..hummmmmmmmmmmmm. lol. Put the so called new cpu in my machine and it didn't do anything, then i knew then i was looking at the wrong parts. Oh, but the original mobo was bad, i did finally see a burnt spot on it. She fried it good. But, she is surfing the net again and im happy to get that machine out of my place. :D

So, thanks so much for all the help. It wasn't for a lost cause, i did learn some extra things. Ya'll helped keep me sane thru this as well. Somehow. lmao
Thanks everyone. :D

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