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Bad Luck


Mr. Bananagrabber
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What an interesting day yesterday was.
At 7:00 a friend and I went to grab some Chinese take out. (My friend was driving)
We pulled into the chinese restaurant parking lot and sat idle figuring out what we were going to order. Meanwhile a white jeep cherokee seemed impatient to get out, thus my friend backed up, he backed up, just a litttle to far.
He hat a sort of post that came out of the ground, the post popped the "bumper cover" off his car, snapping the plastic thing that held it in place, this was the first of his bad luck.
Pissed, we went to CVS to get some liquid nails (to glue the bumper on).
We pick up the food and head back to my house.
since it was like 30 degrees out, i told my friend to pull his car into the garage. I can fit my Mitsubishi Montero in the garage no problem, I pulled that forward in the garage and told my friend to come in.
Apparently my friend can not judge turns at all, as i run to grab some paper towels to clean the back bumper, he hits the site of the garage; white paint all over his car. This is a Honda Pilot, although it is still an SUV, it had plenty of room to get into the garage (7 inches or more on each side (mirrors).
So, we begin our night, with a razor blade, and a wire brush, peeling the paint away off his car, millimeter, by millimeter.
To top off all my friends bad luck for the night, as he was walking around the car to check the bumper glue situation, his watch band breaks and its my garage floor, smashed to ****.

So, that was my night.
I have yet to talk to him today, to see if the bumper held.
I guess I'll tell ya when i know.



haha!!!!! your first post......quality.

well it means...a chinease take away....some chinease food you buy from a shop and take it home to eat.
Because English is not my mother language,I couldn't catch the exact meaning of the sentence.And it was my first time to be here.


Political User
Because English is not my mother language,I couldn't catch the exact meaning of the sentence.And it was my first time to be here.
Ah, well ok. My apologies then, but perhaps an introduction would have been appropriate as well. :) At any rate, welcome to OSNN if you decide to stick around.
Thank you all!
I'm Ellie Han from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications of China.
And it was my search engine that brought me here several days before.Then I found that it is a wonderful place.When I came in the Green Room,I read the Bad Luck and found that I couldn't understand it very well.Then came my first post.:p Thanks to your posts,I know the exact meaning now.We call it 外卖 in Chinese.

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