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Bad characters in Internet Explorer


OSNN One Post Wonder
I have a problem with Internet Explorer 7:
I just reinstalled Windows XP, previously I was using Windows XP SP1 with IE6 with no problems. Now, with Windows XP SP2 and IE7, I cannot write with Cyrillic alphabet in IE.
My native language is Czech so I use Latin alphabet most of the time. Sometimes though I need to write something, an e-mail for example, using Cyrillic letters. That is a problem with IE7 since when I change the language to Russian in the language panel/bar my keyboards writes weird characters instead of proper ones:
for example instead of the first five characters in the second row (фывап) it writes these: DK20?

It does not do this in notepad or Firefox browser, only in IE7.

I also cannot write properly czech characters with Acute accents and carons.

I tried putting a tick in the box for the "expand support of expanded text services for all programs" option (don't know how it's called correctly in English version of Windows) in control panel -> local and language settings -> languages tab - > details -> specify

It didn't help.

I also tried uninstalling IE7 but this flaw still remains even with IE6SP2.
Maybe it has something to do with my keyboard? I have an old windows 95 keyboard with DIN connector connected to my PS/2 port via a reduction. But then how was it possible that before Windows reinstallation it did work? And why does it still work in other application besides IE7?

It's like IE doesn't support other than english characters, I can write in Russian or Czech in notepad and then ctrl+c & ctrl+v into IE but cannot write those special characters (with carons or from cyrilic alphabet) directly into IE. Maybe it has something to do with Roboform being installed on my PC & integrated into IE?

I'm not sure what to do to fix this. Can you give me a hint?

Thank you very much.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Which version of Internet Explorer did you download? If you pulled down the english language one, you may have problems getting IE to recognize other languages.

Have you looked at trying either a localized czech version of IE or trying to install the MUI (MultiLanguage User Interface) Pack?
IE updated to version 7 via Microsoft Update, so it downloaded Czech version automatically.
About that MUI: It says "Setup cannot update your Windows XP files because the language installed on your system is different from the update language"

I tried finding a similar MUI pack in Czech on Microsoft.com with no luck.

Any other suggestions?

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