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Backwards PC


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Having been told by my local PC shop that my Mobo is broken I am left with 512mb pc133 RAM, 2 x ata133 IDE drives and a 1.6ghz Pentium4 processor with a Geforce2 Nvidia Video card.The shop says it cannot build me a new PC using old components as memory would not be compatible. Are they right? Does anyone in Manchester UK know a shop that can? and if so the approximate cost?


well then you might be able to find an older p4 mobo somewhere. The ram shouldn't matter(if you find an older board), unless you want an upgrade to more than 512, but i know major stores like best buy/compusa here still carry sdram. The local shop most likely only has boards that support ddr ram. Check online at some places for an exact board and you might just want to order from there anyway.


OSNN Addict
Thanx for ur prompt response I have looked for a local supplier and have found Bolton Computers a mail order only company. Has anyone dealt with them? Anyway have left my query with them via Email.
My honest opinion... if your local computer store is telling you that you have to buy new RAM then they are just trying to make more money off of you. Find a new place to get your PC fixed.

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