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backup a system restore?



Can you "backup" (burn to cd) your latest system restore settings?
I have had to use the restore feature several times (I experiment a lot!)
My last crash after setting up a ramdisk took all my restore setting away so I have had to reinstall.
If xp restore doesn't allow a backup, does anyone know if go back does?


Im not sure about Go Back

But i use Norton Ghost or Powerquest Drive image

When i have everything running right I take an image of XP install, burn it to CD....

Then if I break XP i just reinstall from the image, takes about 5-6 minutes to install the image , your back up running perfectly again


Wow, Max, could I go for that!
I am not familiar with either but I am starting my research on them. I may pick your brain later for info/help!
I do not know how to backup a system restore...they are stored in the system volume information folder as DLL files, but no clue how to copy or access them since all you get is access denied if you even try to view the folder :p

Shamus MacNoob

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Reg Commpressor4

I always use reg compressor pro from kmcs computer software it works great I notice after a while that things tend to slow down .... I run it and reboot and then re-open it and make a backup .... if needed I could restore the backup from safe mode.... after using the reg compressor I see the diff in smoothness and overall speed .......... :cool: :cool:


I'm actually doing an XP backup on ghost (from system works 2001) right now and was unsure if it will actually work for XP. But since it was (kinda) confirmed here i feel much better. My XP drive has about 2.8GB of data on it but i'm backing up to CD's and it is only taking 3 CD's with fast compression so its looking good.

Can someone confirm that they have successfully restored XP through ghost for me? Im a worry-wart... :D

Backup to CD just finished. Surprisingly it only took 2 cd's to back up 2.8GB of data. That scares me a bit so i'm contemplating just doing a restore to make sure. But i probably wont. Ghost rocks!


Every Ghost version works with Windows XP. Think about it, Ghost cannot image from inside windows but from a dos version, it will only image your harddrive and boot+master records and voila!

I'm using the 2001 version and it brings back my harddrive with only windows+office+some mp's back to 3,5 giga.


Ghost and XP

I found out that if you are running NTFS in XP, then you must use Ghost 2002.


ive never used ghost before and i was wondering if i want to make an image of my xp installation, do i have to image a whole physical drive, or can i just make an image of a certain partition and put it on another partition

Bytes Back

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Yes, you can make an image of any partitions, or multiple partitions or whatever onto any partition. You can also split the file into easily digestible cd sized chunks.

Don't forget you can also burn the lot to a cd with an ini file to automate the process of putting it back..

Mine restore disk boots with a 98 boot disk, runs ghost from a batchfile which picks up an ini file to automate it from there.
Norton Ghost is very good, it's image explorer is by far the most advanced and quickest but Drive Image ( from:www.powerquest.com) is sooooooo easy to use, loads it's own DOS mouse driver and far more 'solid'.
Speed and compressionwise they're both about the same.


I have a dual boot setup with 98SE and XP so I copied mouse.com to the 98 start up disk, boot to 98 dos prompt, then pop in a 2nd floppy with ghostpe on it and burn images to CD or restore from the image. Works great.


I have just installed SystemWorks 2002 but it doesn't have Ghost. An earlier respondent said it was on SystemWorks 2001. If so, anyone know why it was dropped? Perhaps because GoBack thought to be an alternative? (Not for me; I've uninstalled it.)

Terry, West Sussex, UK


Sorry dude but Ghost has never been in any of the Systemworks packages. Alot of stores did sell them bundled but still it would have different boxes, etc.

Norton Ghost is almost just as expensive as Systemworks (In my country anyways). The only thing that you have to be carefull with is the registry-clean up located somewhere in Systemworks, if you use it to much your compu. will not boot anymore (this is known with all the Windows versions).

Also an small problem with Ghost is that it is not recommended that if you restore your image to make another one of it.

Greetings from the Netherlands,



[QUOTENorton Ghost is almost just as expensive as Systemworks (In my country anyways). [/B][/QUOTE]

I bought Norton Systemwork Pro with Ghost 2002 for $28 including shipping off ebay. it was an OEM version, Norton CD but no printed documention, but it is on the CD.

Ghost 2001 wouldn't work with my install on a NTFS partition. Backed up the partition and have it in safe storage.

Ghost pulled my rear end out of the fire on two occasions with my daughter 400 miles away at school. The first time was shortly after school started when somehow she came down with 1000+ infected files from the Nimda virus. Her Norton AV definitions were only a few days old, but that was old enough. I talked her through a reformat on a ME machine, and installation of the Ghost image and she was back up as good as new within an hour.

The second time was just recently when something clobbered her NTLDR file on a Win2k box. This time she just restored the NTLDR, BOOT.INI, and NTDETECT.COM files and she was back up and running.

Without a Ghost image, I would have been driving up to Minnesota to rescue her. As it was, a little inconvenience.

The only issue I have with both Ghost 2001 (ver. 6.5 ) and Ghost 2002 (ver 7.0) is neither work as promissed in writing directly to a CD burner. I have to write the image to a second drive or partition or even across my local network to another PC. Then I compile it into 600mb chunks and write it off to CDs.

Buy Ghost or other imaging program. You won't be sorry.



Ghost 2002 works great with my CD burner. I boot from the Win98 floppy with CDROM support and then pop in a Ghost floppy and it works great.


question.....today was the first day that I used ghost and I was going to save an image of my C partition to another partition, but when i ran ghost, there was no option to save the image onto the hard drive from the drop down save in box. There was only an option to save to my burner or the a drive. Am i missing something?

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