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Backing up


Arte et Marte
The current system I have for backing up files to a partition on my spate HD is somewhat labour intensive - can anyone recommend a good programme that is simple yet allows you to be selective in what is backed up?


OSNN Senior Addict
I always use XP Pro Backup... system backup on ASR and separate partition backups.......then selective backups if / when required.
Consistently reliable after many recoveries due to bugs. virus etc.
No extra cost is the key !


OSNN One Post Wonder
Xp-pro offers the NT backup utility (system tools). This utility rocks! You can use it just for data backup, but it also quite nicely backs up system state data (register hives etc).

I guess that where it really becomes handy is when you have a system crash or if you want to migrate yr disk to another system. NTbackup can restore yr settings on a brand new xp install etc. etc.

And: It's FREE.

Have fun!

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