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backing up everything to a new HD

im planning on geting a new hard drive and i want to take everything on my old HD and transfer the stuff to it. i know theres programs such as Ghost but do they also back up the XP files ?? and do they only back up onto CDs/DVDs because I just want to directly transfer it to the new Hard drive.


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Well...couldnt u just install xp on the new hard drive then just move the files from the old drive to the new one?


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if you use norton ghost, it will make a perfect image of your old hard drive and put it on the new hard drive, any space that is left over after the image is then converted to free space. personally, it is all i use when i get a new drive.


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DriveImage will do this for you too - you need to ask yourself if this is a one time operation maybe though (Personally I use DriveImage to backup to external drive so was happy to purchase).... If it is a once off you might want to try and get by with the software that will PROBABLY come with a drive or be available from manufacturers site (I believe Maxtor to something, Maxblast or somesuch). You'd maybe want to check this out before your purchase. I think all of these will operate most happily between drives so long as both are (obviously) connected at once, so you can forget about CD or DVD.

Tittles way would sort of work, but could get kind of tedious depending on volume of data and would NOT sort out any programs that need Install etc, plus any that rely on where folder is to run might be out of whack - so I personally would recommend having something like Ghost/DriveImage/Acronis TrueImage in place (I have heard the latter is reputedly the best ongoing for backup)


You can transfer all from one drive to your new drive using windows transfer files operation, start>programs>accessories>system tools> 'files and transfer settings wizard'.


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HMMMmmmmm yeah I tried to use that - it gave me quite a runaround and I ended up doing something like Tittles suggested in that case (don't ask details, but I was going 40GB to 20GB so imaging not an option!)

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