B.net Cheaters



Cheaters eh?

It's interesting the way these things work in my opinion. I use cheats in single player games if I want to, but to cheat online???

It defeats the whole point, how can you claim to frag someone if you're using a cheat?

To be fair I imagine the online cheaters a little script kiddies who think it's funny.


I think this applies to anything, even cheating in singleplayer, what skill is involved in cheatin, yes it might get you some x-no of points in a game or get u past a level, but do you feel good>?

Compared to the statisfaction from completing a game using your own skill not a god code!!

Cheatin is for losers

Just MHO


Cheating in single player is a personal choice as it only effects a single player. Cheating in multi-player is unacceptable as it effects all who participate and greatly reduces the on-line gaming experience.


I think Blizzard did the right thing. But sooner or later the cheaters will find new ways. It's a fight that never ends !

Cheating in multiplayer is pathetic - YES ! But it's even more pathetic when n00bs are whining and accusing skilled players of cheating with no proof at all. Dealing with cheat is a job for game developers and server admins.

To all whiners: Play the game and have phun - if you can't handle cheaters or skilled gamers simply leave the game and find another - everything else is waste of time !

IMHO: "Multiplayer" is the greatest improvement of games... ever! :D

Have a nice gaming day :)



BTW Just for my own personal information.... What do we all play online???

I play Operation Flashpoint
Quake 3
Homeworld/Homeworld Cataclysm
StarTrek Bridge Commander (v.good)


Cheats ruin the game for the honest people thats why Blizzard are doing the right thing in my opinion

And yes i wish Valve would do the same


Half-Life Banning

Originally posted by Electronic Punk
I wish Valve would take the same stance and ban WON IDs, its the only way cheats will ever learn.
I believe that's where they (Valve) are headed with the new "STEAM" technology. (Currently in beta on Couter-Strike)

I really hope to see some improvement in the game with this next patch as far as cheating is concerned. Playing and serving alike have suffered terribly as of late due to this.

As for what games I play, well, I play HL and it's mods almost exclusively, but my son also plays DeusEx, Giants, Red Faction, Medal of Honor, Serious Sam 2, and a few others.
(The wife plays cards....LOL) :p

I like to see companies like Blizzard taking affirmative action like this, but I do feel there will be banning of innocent gamers as well. I ask you, if you got banned inadvertantly, how would you feel then? I myself, would be quite upset.......:(
I play diablo II religiously and have been sinse it came out. I always see people trying to scam others and cheating. The economy of the game has suffered a lot because of duping (chating by duplicating an item) and i see this as taking the fun out of the game because people trade for items all over the bnet realms and dupes usually disapear after a short time. How would you feel if you traded for a really good item and the it disapears?
it hasn't happened to me (thank god) yet *knock on wood) but this has to stop in order for the game to begood again.
by the way, the "chest hack" is a way for people to get a LOT of things (usually more than 500) out of a randm chest in the game that would normally spit out like 2-8 items.
cheaters should be hack and their computers formatted.


I don't play diablo 2 so I'm not sure, but it seems to be the equivalent of half life where your cd key is your ticket to play online. If I'm understanding this correctly, then blizzard banned thousands of people from playing online at all. I don't cheat, and personally feel it should be punished by floggins a la Singapore, but Blizzard banning those people is more wrong than cheating.

First, those a$$hole cheaters paid to get a valid cd key just like anyone else. At least in America, when you pay for something you can do pretty much anything you want with it. A company has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to take something away from you because they don't like the way you are using it (unless maybe you are infringing upon their copyright). For instance, I can buy a cd of a crappy band like Creed and use it to wipe after eating Mexican food. Their Eddie Vedder wannabe lead singer can't come by and take it back merely because he would prefer his work reside in my cd player than in my bathroom.

I think Blizzard needs to take measures to ensure cheating can't happen (like Valve will with Steam), but taking away those user accounts is nothing short of illegal. If I was a Diablo 2 player who just had my game "stolen" by Blizzard you can bet I would be sending them letters threatening legal action, as they are so quick to do regarding Bnetd.

Stealing accounts from users is a shoddy move by Blizzard. They need to put some real effort into fixing their problem of cheating. Cheating is a HUGE problem, I am not unaware of that fact, but after hearing that they have no problem stealing from paying users I have absolutely no problem stealing a copy of Warcraft 3beta. While I'm at it I think I'll find an ISO of Warcraft 2 Online and both diablos, then play them all on Bnetd.

I understand everyone's complaint about cheating (I probably whine about it more than anyone else), but if you don't look at this emotionally there is no way you can think Blizzard did the right thing.

By the way, Bluecat, you are absolutely correct in that some innocents will suffer. Further evidence that Blizzard is completely wrong and someone needs to impart to them that once they sell their product, they've sold it.
I used to be a heavy addict to StarCraft... which is also on the b.net network... and franky yes it does piss me off when theres a cheater in the game...

Thumbs up to B.Net for taking the action they did...



It would seem that Blizzard have stirred a massive hornets nest with this one. However In response to npfanz comments (I will point out that I agree completely with his view first of all). But unfortunately Blizzard are well within their rights to terminate users accounts. It says so in their License Agreement.
While I may not agree with the consumer issues. IE You bought it, you do what you want with it. I do also think that the quality of the game suffers as a result of cheaters.

BLizzard may well be wrong in what they do......but they have every right to do so.....

I really hope that I don't get kicked off by mistake tho :)


cheating is for people who were born without genitalia. It proves the have genital envy :cool: They want to get back at the world for whatever pathetic reason. On our server we ban cheaters as a hobby now there are so many! It makes it more enjoyable for people who want to enjoy the game and test there skill where there are no cheaters. Keep them away as far as im concerned


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for npfanz

while I agree with the whole thing about people paying for a service... I take it that diablo II is not coming out like the counter-strike CD which is intended solely for online gaming...

therefore the person is paying for the game itself... the multi-player aspect is usually free for most games as it was for half-life (TFC, CS, DOD and so on) and other games such as Delta Force (CRUD), Diabo, warcraft, Deus Ex and so on and so forth....

hence the whole issue of them being jipped by their accounts being turned off is moot in this case... if I buy a CS cd and my WON-id is banned, I will have a valid case by what you are saying...

however... cheaters have far too much control over the loopholes in netcode left behind by the original programmers... I do not like being booted off servers by cheaters because I keep killing them and/or telling the admin to take action against a blatant hacker...

hacking occurs in all games, CS is the one I play most of the time and I play with a close group of friends... so we ban people who are hacking... there are a number of clan websites you can go to and check out the hall of shame for won-ids to ban on your own server... its very effective for us... and we generally don't ban someone based on skill or lack thereof... some of our clan members are in the top 500 or so players online... so the question of uber skills does not arise...

FYi... all [myGOT] clan members should be banned... because they only hack... thats all they ever do... and they crash servers..

cheaters are generally skill-less bufoons who think their hacks will impress us... this initiative will show them that hacking will not be tolerated... and either gain some skills or join some other online gaming community... hack that till you are booted from there too....


npfanz: you're right about the Diablo (I - II - LOD) CDkey is the ticket to access battle.net !
But the game itself is not defect if your CDkey for some reason (hacking) is disabled on bnet realms - it's still playable (offline) !
See bnet as an extra service from Blizzard !

With 1 legal CDkey you can create several accounts on bnet ! That means that the 20,000 accounts banned by Blizzard is not the same as 20,000 CDkeys are banned/disabled.
My humble guess is that the player characters on these accounts are lost, but the owners of these accounts can make a new fresh account and get a 2nd chance... to play legit ;)

In case an account is wrongfully deleted you must contact Blizzard support. I can't see that should be a problem to worry about if you play by the rules ! I've been playing the whole Diablo series online through the years without ANY lost account - I'm sure alot of other legit players will agree that Blizzard is handling hacks and cheats the right way !

Blizzard quote: "All your dupes are belong to us !"
- and you accept these terms by logging on bnet :D

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