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B Grade ; How come?


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How bloody odd, I took my GCSE ICT like 8 weeks back got results other day 'B' Grade how poor, There are people in my year so pants at IT and they got A's and A*'s

The School is ****** up man,

I actaully had to explain to my teacher that processors are measured in Herz not Bites FFS Lol

She goes oh the processors in the school are 1.2 gigabyte processors :p

Well I don't know,

Then she tried to explain what a processor looked like "well its got this hooks things that all link into the pc" I went yea pins.



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obviously the people who WROTE the test were related to this teacher of yours... :D


i know what you mean there, i am always correcting the teachers and then theyre afraid to admit theyre wrong.


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But wot sux the most is that people with A's have been offered a whole GCSE not just a half course, so I gotta do R.E :(

The test is soooo stoopid tho, some questions the answer could be either and its both they are both right ffs,



Originally posted by Quiksilvah
i am always correcting the teachers and then theyre afraid to admit theyre wrong.
Me too. I corrected teachers while I was at college and they never admitted they were wrong. One teacher said "are you the teacher or me!?".

Originally posted by skazzyuk
How bloody odd, I took my GCSE ICT like 8 weeks back got results other day 'B' Grade how poor
What level of ICT was it? Foundation :D, Intermediate or Advanced (AVCE) :cool: ?
Rule number one when answering questions in exams that are based on specific subjects like computing or cookery is: -

Make sure you know the expected answer. If the question is “what is a processor” and you answer, “it’s a means of mixing up food using an electrical appliance quickly” and that’s the answer they are looking for, then the answer is correct; you made the mistake of thinking. You don’t get extra marks for this (thinking) until you’re at the postgraduate level.

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Being a more advanced user you may have missed various stages required to gain full marks, I didn't take this subject - I tihnk I took something called Clait's but never really took my certificate.

One of my biggest problems in exams is not reading the question thoroughly.

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Don't give up (god knows i did).
And i don't recommend correcting teachers, one of this days you are going to correct them wrong, and then youl look like an a**hole (God it was embarrassing).
And Dave is right NEVER THINK...answer exactly what you are told to answer, even if you know its wrong, you may get dumber but its fixable later ;)


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Lol today I said to my teacher "look boss, you know I know more about this subject than u and the whole ICT department do, let me do the full course" she just said "ok"

Sorted mate :)


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