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Aztech D100U Icons



I'm using Aztech DSL Turbo 100U. I'm annoyed by its taskbar icons that startup with my Windows XP Pro. It doesn't come with software with option to disable it. Please help.
Do you know what the software running in the taskbar does? If you think it's not essential, and your software does not have an option to disable it from running at startup, click Start>Run and type msconfig. Then go to the Startup tab, find the entry for it, and uncheck the box. Reboot and make sure everything works ok. If anything goes wrong, you just need to go back and check the box again.

Hope that was what you were looking for. :)


hardware monkey
oh, that icon. that's part of XP. some usb devices (usually cameras and external drives) will cause that to come up. not much that you can do about it, i don't think.

pretty useless for a modem, though. :confused:
nope you cant remove that one, you can hide it, by settings it to always hide in taskbar options (rightclicktaskbar->properties)

and yes its useless for a modem but evry usb device cause that icon to appear so also usb modems.
Originally posted by WiredBrain
No, it's not in the "Startup" folder. The icon is "Safely Remove Hardware".
That one :p It comes up when I plug in my digital camera. Pretty harmless. You can hide it like sboulema said if it's bugging you.

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