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Awesomest game theme song


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Yeah a great theme tune, always used to play that when I was about to crush a friend playing the orgional over lan. Gave the game away a bit but hey, I did not normally win anyway :)

I have always enjoyed the zelda music something about it :)
Plus the music used to be good on the old Ice wind dale games, Admitedlly they are both a bit carm compaired to hells march. So are we gonna get a remixed version for the new one?
I forget which IWD it was, but one of them lead you on thinking you could join up with the badguys and then it forced you into defeating them :( was a bit of a let down after kotor :D


OSNN.net Adventurer
Might be IWD 2 as I did not play that one, and although I had the first, I thought it lacked the storyline of the BG series.
ray - I have no idea on the sig as I did not do the gifs some cleaver person under than name of 'foldsfive' did.

Oh another great tune was the ending theme from thunder force VI on the megadrive. Though not heard it for ages so is probably rubbish now. Oh and who can forget the original tetris tune :D

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