Awesome XP Tips and Tricks

Whoa don't go to that site when ya stoned. Makes ya eyes cross and u fall out of ya chair backwards. (In other words your site is confusing). (Stoned And Confused)
I Was Banned!
And frankly I would like to know why. You Ban people at will? You must be a communist if you don't believe in the freedom of speech. I in no way swore or used FOUL Language!
I am complaining because I believe you should INFORM people before you ban them, and you should DEFINE what is right and wrong (in your mind) then make a link with the name policy, rules, or something.

Just so you know I am already back on your site regardless configuring a Proxy isn't a hard thing and there are millions out there :)

But I actually have your site as my home page and would prefer not to have to proxy just to see a site I enjoy..

Um... I don't ban anyone... no IPs or anything...

Where do you see it saying youre banned??

Dazed and Confused !!

OH NO not another alecstaar !!

Sober up and retry .. :p

where do they come from ... hahahaa
andrewjm's website

Your site looks nice and has some interesting things on the XP tweaks, but it appears that the Win 98 tweaks are identicle to XPs tweaks.
Oops! I can't believe I did that... When I was changing the layout, I accidently copy and pasted the wrong section to the win98 page. It's fixed now. Thanks for telling me :)

That was a nice tweak to stop MSMessenger from loading...

...Now....How do you reverse it ???

(just curious what the solution is)

Once you remove MSN Messenger, whenever you go to windows update, it will tell you that you don't have the newest version of msn messenger and you will be able to download it... of course you wouldn't do that :)
Klown... which site are u refering too m8 ? if it's this one please post up in the website feedback/problems... thanx

Never Mind I Guess an apology is in order...

I did get a Browser error "Access Forbidden" and the only way i could get back on ya site was through a proxy. I jumped to the conclusion of being banned. It must have been a problem with my ISP or a Backbone glitch (These things Happen). I was stoned and not thinking i just jumped on the ole they all hate KLoWnz Bandwagon and started raisin hell LoL. ;)

Anyway It is on a post it note on my computer screen now.
"Don't point fingers while stoned" :p
I noticed your IOpagelocklimit tweak. I don't have that setting. So what type of key is it supposed to be, Dword, String, Binary, what? Or is it supposed to be a sub key on the left hand side under Memory Management?

I have also heard that the settings there is supposed to be listed in bytes, not kb's. If that is correct, your numbers are way off.
I think your site is broken!
upon loading, it asked me if I want to open or save main.asp
Opening it loads Frontpage to edit it!

I have no other problems browsing the web BTW.
i just had the same thing happen to me wiht the "main.asp" file download popping up, i cancelled it out, but can't browse the site, just wondering what i need to do, because i don't download anything if i don't know what it is.......i'm paraniod i guess, but for a good reason, got a nasty virus a month or two ago, and had to completely reformat my hardrive to get rid of it....that was a damn pain......heh
i got the main thing to plus other pages like dt.asp
Yea, server messed up with the asp engine... Fixed... Don't know why that happend, but I'll try to keep a better eye on that section of it...

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