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Awesome New Halo 3 Commercial!


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I can't even watch it, I get a flashing frame with audio in the background. It says "Jump In". I have tried in Firefox and IE, tried using MP10 directly by using "Open URL" nothing works. Why cant they just have a normal .wmv or flash video like everyone else.


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It's the last in the trilogy.

But there are already two more "Halo" games announced, in the sense that they take place in the Halo universe. But Halo 3 will be the end for this story arc.

The other two:

A Halo RTS made by the dudes who brought us Age of Empires. (http://www.halowars.com/)
A Halo "game that's more like a movie" by Peter Jackson. (still waiting on more details about this one)

Yeah I know, sounds like corporate whoring to me too :( I hope they don't milk Halo until it is ****.


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i have all i need to sign up but:

Europe will soon have the chance to secure their place on the Halo 3 multiplayer beta, scheduled to start next spring. Keep an eye on your local Xbox community site for more details.


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I saw yesterday when monday night football was on.
The problem I have is that it wont look nearly like it does in the commercial.
Still, im gonna buy an xbox for this.


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Now I can see the Halo trilogy as a movie. It could be something special. :) Oh, That commercial is sweet. :D
i watched the 720p version on IGN.com, i thought the little shield was pretty cool, except I've never seen it used in-game. In Halo 3 perhaps?
The shield grenade was definitely the coolest part of the video! :D
I also signed up for the Spring '07 multiplayer beta last night. That should be interesting.
I bet they are working on that as we speak. Halo 2 is solely for Vista, and I am sure they will use the lure of Halo 3 as well! It makes a lot of sense - and Microsoft knows how important games on Windows are to their OS's survival.

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