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Away August 20th - 26th

Electronic Punk

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It is an odd year so I am being drawn back to Ibiza for fun and frolics in the sun so unavailable and most likely unconcious from this Saturday until next Friday/Saturday.

What will I be up to? Never you mind, but two events I will be attending at least:

Sunday: Judgement Sunday, Eden - Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell + Others
Wednesday: Meganite, Priviledge - Chris Liebling, Mauro Picotto + Others

The wednesday event being pretty special as I missed it last year by not going to Ibiza, downloading the liveset and being generally gutted. This year I will be going to see my favourite DJ, Picotto, on my birthday... in the biggest club on the planet. woo.


Beware the G-Man
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Do Back Up before ya go.

*I am that annoying voice in the back of your mind* :rolleyes:

Ya better get plenty drunk, otherwise you'll still be hearing me somewhere in that void of yours. :p

Have fun. And try not to wake up in any strange rooms with strange thing... errrrrrrr people.

Electronic Punk

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Well on the 23rd I will be ringing Server Matrix so X-istence can have fun configuring the dual xeons so it is up and running before I get back :eek:


Spammer representing.
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GET GONE......

/waits to rampage site

And have some fun in the sun, drink a Red Stripe or Stella for us.

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