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AW File Formats


OSNN One Post Wonder
Have inherited a load of files in work which are in AW format.

1.How can I view them?

2.How can I convert them to Word or PDF?

I assume they are text files


OSNN One Post Wonder
Had a look at that, the basic problem is just getting the file to open it's 19.6mb and at the moment I want to then view the contents.

Then maybe a certain Consultancy will be getting some very legal letters.


Tweaking Monkey
Could you attach one of them here? I found it's supposed to be for Microsoft's Answer Wizard, but it's hard to say... could be for anything. I could write a program that creates files with an .aw extension, there's no standard for this...


OSNN One Post Wonder
Apparently this is on a Linux System so I can't even open the file.
managed to open a bit of it in Quick View Plus and it opened as a graphic I'm pretty sure it was the first intro page of the document but given the size and the fact it's for work I'll screw the consultants who produced it.
Thanks for the help people.

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