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avril~poser or real



not bad, shes cute. Her song is a little catchy, but then again I don't listen to pop all that much.:D

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Better than britney spears i guess....
She sings too..... (I can sing better).
cute tho - how old is she 14?
rasing a nation of pedofills.......kill MTV.

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Re: hehe

Originally posted by Nul|
I'd bone her from here until next chirstmas she is the hottest thing since sliced bread! i'll trade my g/f for her anyday ;) and her lovely voice mmm.. she could sing linux commands while i bone her... anyway if you know avril and wanna swap her for my

Would you bone sliced bread?
there are beautiful girls all over the world..Avril,britney Christina etc...are being considered the most beautiful girls because of the media and that's how companies get money from you.
teenagers are easily to fool.
stars(like Avril) were made from make up..real stars made from light.
eww weird...she looks ugly but in media she looks pretty. i know that they do computer editing to look better but i didn't imagine that they could improve her looks that much.


lol almost famous.... Photoshop 10.0 (special Enhancing version for media) Features:

Enhancing Chest, Hair, eyes, arse, etc
Reducing, chest, arse, and general fat
Extras included in BOX:

Special one click hottener. Pick your image and then have it trasformed into a Britney, Christina, Or Avril etc.....

LOL I am only joking for those of you who are a bit slower than a 386.... :p

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