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Avoid this site for orders


OSNN Addict
I would just like to warn some of you incase you ever run into this site http://www.amamax.com/ i order something from them on sept1st (mon) on thursday they for some reason put my order on hold, i tried to call everyday, i left msgs on there machines, i tried all of there extentions, i tried to email them to diff email addys they had listed on the site, today is the 9th (tue) and i still havent got a phone call back, or email back and my order has been cancelled, there was never a reason on the site why it was on hold or even cancelled. Just my opinion, not a very professional site.


Boogie Nights...!
To be honest..just looking at the site would put me off ordering from them.

Keep an eye on your bank balance...just in case they decide to take any money.


OSNN Addict
im calling my bank tomorrow to talk to them about it, to make sure it doesnt wait forever to charge it and then me not beable to fix it

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