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.avi files not playing in WinAmp


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It could be the codec the .avi was encoded with. Do you happen to know what its codec is?

On a side note, winamp doesnt have the best video support in the world, so it could just be a bug in the software. I am sure you know of the other great video players out there :) (VLC, MPC)
I have other players. Somehow the codec got corrupted and when I reinstalled k-lite pack, VLC returned to normal.

I was trying to play a avi file but only got audio with a black or (gray?) screen

Actually, I didn't reinstall, I went from ACE to K-lite. (uninstalled ace)
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aprox is right, winamp is sucky for any type of video. if i recall correctly there was an mplayer plugin for winamp, that'll handle almost anything, similar to VLC. winamp doesn't even utilize directshow it seems, since wmp plays the file just fine

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