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Avi => DVD-R

i am having a few problems burning a .avi to a dvd-r for viewing on my dvd player. Nero wont let me do it because it needs video and audio tracks put directly into the correct folder. However Avi is both combined... :rolleyes:
Does anyone know how i can get a good quality dvd-r from my original avi's?
firstly thanks Kunal :)
I have also been told about using TMPGenc to convert the video files from avi format to a more easily written format to DVD by Nero. But i have heard that using this method can give slow audio playback and a much greater loss of audio quality after the 'burn process' Has anyone experienced this or maybe have heard and know of a fix. Or atleast can someone give some credibility towards this statement?

sorry if this is mentioned in one of the guides, i have only had a small moment of time to quickly scan throught the list, not to actually read them yet

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