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avg performance results question

Perris Calderon

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well, this doesn't make any sense to me

in resent tests, it seems like avg doesn't perform as well as the big boys...this has gone agianst my personal experience, in which avg has found viri that the big boys missed

now, on the most recent test, avg was just fine


all this involved was some definitions.

and now we find out that ag is changing the engine.

so, why?

why has it not done well in some tests, are these tests timed for when avg has not had an update?

as when it is updated, it does fine.

and if it does fine, why would they change the program to something bigger?

I'm not getting this
Its down to the test specs, alot of old DOS viruses, non windows viruses, more exotic samples will be missed by AVG, as will alot of packed and compressed viruses.

The VB100 test uses straight In the Wild samples, which are not going to be difficult to detect.

The other tests i have posted have used a huge range of virus samples that are harder to detect.

On the last test avg got its 73% in windows viruses and at the time i my comments were to say that this is the area most important to look at for AVG. Users of AVG should not expect it to protect them against packed/compressed, old or exotic viruses and trojans but for in the wild samples your gonna be OK with AVG and it should peform well.

Info on VB100 testbed:


Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
so, a new engine is needed enyo?

is this so they will do well on these performance tests, or to address soon to come exotic virus
I think the new engine will address issues relating to detection of packed and compressed viruses.

As you see in GAV the engine is very powerful and able to detect packed and compressed threats, the engine used by AVG is pretty weak so maybe in the 7th release of AVG we will see a more capable engine.

Im going to be putting AVG 7 RC4 on a test box at some point so maybe ill be able to see if there is a improvement with the new engine.
Need to get another HDD for my test box then shall be good to go, right now i dont have the space to install windows ;)

Damn the old technology.

Have you used AVG 7 yet?

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